"Local pickup only".  Not sure about affording the fuel (much less the semi) to truck that stuff to our house.  And it's speakers only - we'd probably have to talk with the local power company about just wiring something directly into the grid to power the whole setup.  It would be kinda tough to explain, you know - when something really good plays, I just gotta crank it up, and there's a serious brown-out for the surrounding county.  That could be worth it, though...
"Replies from Serious audiophiles only...."

Lets' see....the concrete bunker could go over there at the lot line.  It'll make the 440 drop easier.  Sound treatments will be easier to do, since you can build to suit...

Your neighbors will kill you, you know.  Esp. if you leave an LP on with a 'locking groove'.....;)
I asked my wife and she said "no problem".  I also saw pigs flying around my yard yesterday.  The trick will be positioning it far enough away from the back wall.  In all seriousness, I actually have an audiophile friend who rents a very large industrial space and could actually fit this thing inside of it.  The price might be a deal breaker, though.  But I think I will send him the link.  After all, it's cheaper than a pair of the big Wilsons.  Cost per pound makes it a bargain!
Some of the recent Youtube videos of Stereophile reviewers are interesting, if only to see what absolute geeks some of these dudes are (not in a BAD way…bunnies? man...). Fremer has gigantic Wilson Alexa speakers and darTZeel amps in a seemingly small room so packed with stuff it would trigger claustrophobia in a pack rat, and I used to think "man, I’d love to know what the large Magicos sound like in my listening room" but assumed the largish (relatively) space was too small…HA…I can’t imagine Fremer’s rig getting out of first gear without causing a neighborhood protest or blowing his stuff out to the street…amazing.
Interesting enough I bet some one that restores old JBL speakers could make a few bucks buying this lot for resale. 
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Nice tool to drive away wild hogs, bears, deers and snake away from my backyard.