I need quiet as much as music sometimes so help me please

I know nothing about headphones. Mostly because to me they feel uncomfortable and restricting after about
10 minutes of use. But I need something while flying that will knock out as much noise as possible. I use
foam earplugs and they help. Now I am ready to spend what it takes. Questions-
-Is noise cancelling a viable concept?
-Brands to focus on- Sony, JCV and Bose- or so I have been told. Others?

I am having trouble finding any ratings of db reduction specs. Do they exist?

Anyone been down this way lately?

Although most Bose stuff is really bad compared to other equipment, their noise-canceling headphones are the best noise-cancelling have found - I tried many and spent good money trying. Why? They still hold some of the best patents for noise-canceling, and until they expire, other brands have to work around Bose's technology. The sound of their headphones is quite good, although not great, but then no noise canceling headphones can match higher-end ones regardless.
The Sony over ear model everybody's been raving about the last few years are great for noise cancellation and musically sound pretty darn good. The V4 is the current model. It's got a few new bells & whistles vs. V3, but is 95% the same. V3 NOS has been on sale for ~$100 less. You'll find lots of reviews of both on youtube and elsewhere.
I use them for all my work calls and video meetings, sometimes wearing them for hours at a time without discomfort. 
While I don't have specs on noise reduction, I can say I'm shocked at the background noise elimination. Barking dogs, neighbors lawnmowers, phone notifications, pesky partners...they all disappear at the touch of a button. So quiet that sometimes I have to check to check to make sure they're on. Cheers,
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If you are in Los Angeles area, there is a CanJam show on the 3rd week of Sept. You can listen to a lot of headphones there.
I have spent much of my career working internationally. It was not uncommon for me to visit China and Europe twice a month, over 25,000 miles a month. I lived on airplanes. I am an audiophile at home. These are two completely different things! I have had more than a couple dozen high end ear buds and headphones of all types. I used to carry an extra amp and a DAC. Leave that stuff at home.

Get yourself a set of Bose QuietComfort. I wear them turned on without music if I am not listening to music. I put them on when I get through customs and leave them on. Airplanes are incredibly noisy. You cannot, even with noise cancellation hear nuances associated with high end recordings. Bose are not accurate, but they sound great… they deaden the background noise, fold up really nicely, they have a great case, and they are super comfortable. I would sleep in them. I hated Bose for most of my life for what they did to the high end audio industry. But they got these right.

Bose do not sound bad, they sound great, they are just not particularly accurate.  I enjoy listening to them, they are relaxing. They are something you can listen to for hours without feeling fatigued.

Traveling a lot, you learn how to travel comfortably and just flow from place to place without trauma and as quietly and pleasantly… these things are the first huge step in that direction when traveling!

In business class they are by far the most common. Leave the audiophile stuff at home where it is quiet.
The Sony's are almost as quiet as the Bose and have much better SQ. Usually available cheaper.
Better app (Headphones) too.  V2 is OK for sound but starting V3 they have USB C fast charging. All batteries last ~ 20 hours.
In business class they are by far the most common. Leave the audiophile stuff at home where it is quiet.
Do they have heavy duty versions for us rabble in economy?
I bought a pair of the Sony 1000 4's today. 
Got very lucky when the guy at Best Buy
said he owned the Apple $500 model
and it was pretty excellent with interfaces 
with other apple stuff. But the case was a joke
and he admitted the Sony may be better with
noise control-my main concern. Now I see
refurbs with 2 year warranties for $200 on eBay.
Anyone tried those backwater sources?
Since eBay now hits your bank and you can't use Paypal, I would think twice. Other backwaters, Amazon Warehouse, Woot, and dealer closeouts are potential options for similar deals. I have deals at musician suppliers like Sweetwater, Musician's Friend and Guitar Center. Cheers,
I will return the BB pair at $340
for the refurbs at 200 with 2 year
I currently have the Sony WH-1000XM4, the Bose 700s & the iPhone AirPod Max, all are good but if I have to put them in order it would be.

1. AirPod Max because I have an iPhone and its a perfect marriage. Sending texts, and calling people all without phone in hand. Used on Amazon $450.00

2. Sony WH-1000XM4 is the best sounding of all and you can EQ to your liking and you can configure them in many ways with there app. Used on Amazon $200.00

3. Bose 700 its ok but in IMHO sound wise not in the same league as the ones above. I purchase these new.
First off, I'm biased so take that into account.  I've been in this industry for a long time, predominantly on the Audio side, and have never been one to look at the biggest names and much prefer products from the companies on the fringe that have an edge to them. As an example, I've never owned a product from that Framingham company and never will as it's just not my type of sound signature. I took a position to run sales for Cleer Audio prior to launching our latest products at CES 2020, we were on fire and then March/April 2020 hit and severely harmed our growth momentum. I'd invite you to give us a shot. Our Flow II's are fantastic and our newest model Enduro ANC has a crazy amount of recent and great reviews.  Check this one out from Gary Alan Barker at Headphone Guru that came out this week, and I have a lot more both written and on YouTube.  https://headphone.guru/cleer-enduro-anc-wireless-bluetooth-active-noise-canceling-headphone-review/ www.cleeraudio.com  We are a company who produces high performing and high design products at a fair price and I have no issues putting our product directly up against the best known products in the business. Cheers!
I bought some sound cancelling Sonys for $50- refurbished.
They seem fine. Thanks for all the ideas!