If you had to downsize to smaller, more buget...

If you were forced to downsize and have to live with lower priced and perhaps smaller gear, what would you choose in amp, dac and speakers, etc., that best reflects your music/soundtrack tastes that your best gear has given you, albeit perhaps to a lesser degree?

What positive qualities are gained while minimizing SQ issues do the equipment choices working together provide or avoid?

Might help those downsizing or looking for a smaller, less expensive but competent system.

How low in price can you go?  What's you experience? 






Downsize in price and size? If smaller, how small is smaller. What price is less? What do you have now?

I guess it's all a relative question.  I have two systems. One amp is a Hegel h160 and the other is a Keces E40.  I am liking the little Keces as it has really good performance given its' design and size. 

So any audio products which offer surprising performance within its' means is fair game.  It could cost a $100 and say up to $2000 to keep it in the ballpark.

I am looking at putting together well performing smaller systems, which is possible and fun.  There are seemingly alot of boutique/smaller companies that are producing some surprising products at various price points of course, which makes it relative. I think there are quite a few many of us haven't been exposed to. Some are up and comers, some will be short lived, but while available, I'd like to know about them.

Use an example, you are retiring and need to sell off much of your gear as you won't have room for it.  You still want to enjoy your music, what would you consider in a smaller space and at a lower price?





Not sure what parameters are, but the Lyngdorf stuff has my attention.

Mine too.
Most of the small gear I have been looking at and acquiring is not cheaper.
It is 1/2 the size… but twice the cost!

agwca, I have downsized once. From a giant multi amp system to much more simple systems. I think downsizing is a mistake (I went back to a big system). You want the best system you can afford that fits into the space you have available. That's the best way to address this. Mostly by stating your budget, your needed sources, and your space limitations. 

Ifi Aurora looks like a very interesting all in one. Some hard to believe specs too for its' size.

I have a whole separate lower budget system waiting in the wings, brand new...just incase sheet hits fan and I gotta unload my more expensive stuff. I could live happily ever after with my lower budget stuff.

YBA HERITAGE Streaming Music Centre 

TRIANGLE COMETE 40th anniversary standmount speakers 


@antigrunge2  - Man, that iFi Aurora all-in one looks like a really cool little system. Would be great in a small one bedroom or efficiency ski condo, or tiny urban apartment.