in the Hospital when amp, (or whatever) , arrives. Consideration over return period?

Had a stroke, and was in Hosp when amp arrived. Didn't get to it for over a week due to lab tests, etc. Should  the Seller give the buyer a grace period because of his inabillity to check out the equipment? I have the medical records to show I am being honest about this. I never seen this subject discussed, what do you think ?

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Let's first hope you are OK and recovering fine. Then hope amp arrived safely.

A kind seller should, however, he or she is certainly under no obligation.

I hope you're doing better! I would think that under the circumstance, they would cut you slack... 

Yes, was in hosp for 5 days. Still doing tests. It's a smart amp that has trouble finding wi fi signal. I rather stick with Bluesound, no issues.


Well, I've experienced one- it's no party being in the ICU for a week  with brain swelling.

Thank the universe or your God for  every waking morning you're able to function.

Good health AND listening to you.

Hopefully, you have good health insurance. 

Yes, very scary experiance. This was the second one this year, still doing tests , nothing conclusive. I thank my GOD every day. Enjoy every sandwich, Warren Zevon said. Yes indeed. TG


Good luck with your medical issue.

You can prove that you were hospitalized.  I am a Primary Care Physician.  You wouldn’t believe how often we get asked to write notes for this kind of thing.  I don’t mind the legitimate ones.  However when people didn’t see any provider, never called, and then ask for a note weeks later to get them out of some obligation…

Well, I have the amp squared away with seller. They are giving me a refund to apply to another amp. Very nice people to deal with , Thank you TMR .I have purchased quite a few things from them this year , and its been 100% positive. Thank You Audiogon members for well  wishes and prayers. 

Glad it all worked out.  TMR is an awesome group to work with.

Similar situation happened to me 17 years back.  Was trading in one amp for another, give or take some cash, and put everything in motion right before I was hospitalized, so I would have a new amp to help with my recovery.  Went in for spine surgery and possibly a 4 day stay, came out 4 months later after contracting meningitis.  

The dealer at the time was Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio.  What a super guy to work with.  Nothing was an issue.  The whole time his approach was get to it, when you are better.  

There are great ones out there.




Mahler123 ,
Yes,I have the discharge records . No problem there, just recieved notice from insurance co, payed for 5 day stay and helicopter ride 100% due to emergency. Just have to find the cause now, more tests.

"just recieved notice from insurance co, payed for 5 day stay and helicopter ride 100% due to emergency."

Good to hear.

That helicopter ride WASN’T cheap. There are articles of exorbitant charges not covered by the insurance company and the patient is stuck with the bill.

Wishes for a speedy recovery and good news from your medical team.