indra users/fans---

what are the best , most effective placements of these i/cs, and where do you find addtional benefits after the first pair is installed?

what other cables have you paired with the indras for good results?
..ozy..having used 2 of the indras' in the past i can tell in my system the first indra...which i placed between my scd-1 and my preamp...was a significant improvement over my previous cable.i then added a second indra...from preamp to amp...but the improvement..although there..was not significant..especially for the cost.i have since replaced that indra with a cyberlight p2a cable which is much better then the indra in that position.good luck..hope this helps..
>>The NBS would be even better between the preamp and amp<<

Not a snowballs' chance in hell.
Aside from NBS call your NBS cable "fake" when you try to resell it yourself, it is pretty good.
I've own over 50 cables and audition over 100s including every Stealth cable. They are just not as full, dynamic between preamp and amp.
If you have a low resolving system, a lot of cheap cables will sound good. NBS is highly overrated and overpriced.
"If you have a low resolving system, a lot of cheap cables will sound good." Exactly. That's why Stealth cable will do the job for most of the system because they're cheap to make.

"overrated and overpriced." so as Stealth and all the other cables that cost over $50.
Indra and Varidig Sextet are very expensive cables vis a vis the competition. Are they worth the expense? That's strictly up to the buyer. However, they are arguably the best products available; this has been confirmed by both hobbyists and professional reviewers. The existing problem with both is that they are so highly resolving, many systems are not suitable for their use. Many lesser priced cables will outperform Indra and Sextet in some systems for that reason.

Cheap to make? It's a little known fact that the most expensive wire used in any power cord, speaker cable, or interconnect rarely exceeds $10/meter. So in that regard Stealth and every other cable is cheap to make.

Overrated and overpriced? Strictly a buyer's decision. If the user derives value from the purchase, that's all that matters.
Stanhifi, I do agree the Stealth cable do offer good performance. However, it doesn't mean that it is the best combo when used togather in both from source to preamp and preamp to amp. It is funny how few of the Indra owner are expremely protective in their investiment and thinking that nothing else is better just because they do not own.
I have encounter some cables sound just as good as any Stealth for under $50 to make.
I own the Indra, NBS black label (expensive, top of the line), and recently tried the Harmonic technology cyberlights. IMS, the NBS was not even close to the other two. I prefer the Indras over the cyberlights from preamp to amp, the other way around from source to preamp.

SAP J2001 (horn hybrids) biamped with 45 tube monoblocks and EMMlab CDSD/DCC2 as digital source.
rgwrjs: so u are using cyberlights btwn the CDSD and DCC2? Not the optical propietary cable provided by Meiter to slave clocks? Or do you mean btwn the DCC2 to sep pre-amp?
I am sorry I was not clear. I use the cyberlight between the DCC2 and my preamp. I use the optical cabling between the CDSD and the DCC2.
rgwrjs, your rigs doesn't require high out cables.
thiner cables will genereally sound better for high efficiency system. The indra will sound more refine in this case. However, for the low efficiency system, it will tend to sound dry and thin and lack of punch. In this case, it is not about refinement only. The current passing through would be more demanding since the input of amp is less sensitive here.
Thanks...interesting u use a separate preamp: what is it? Do u not like DCC2 as a preamp? I am considering an pwr amp upgrade (I use the DCC2 as a preamp as well)as well a possible cable upgrade (well at least all the excitement about both cyberlights and indra entices me to investigate).
Although I think the DCC2 is an excellent preamp, I do not get the air, staging or dynamics of my tube preamp (Audionote M-10.) I used the DCC2 as a preamp for about six months while I was waiting for an upgrade to my preamp and I enjoyed it very much. But IMS it does not compare to the M-10. BTW I like the Elrod power cords with my sources.
Yeah, I kind of expected as much, Rgwrjs....though I do think the sep pre amp would have to be exceptional to better the DCC2, I do not there are "out there" Another project for another day as I think my pwr amp upgrade is biger priority at this pt...thanks.