Inherited a pair of JBL 4350 -- Need Advice

I am taking some inventory of some of my father’s audio collection.

Noticed a pair of JBL 4350’s -- all speakers in great condition.

However, no grilles... and they appear to have been used in commercial setting. As the cabinet is painted black, with a few mounting points integrated.

Does anyone know if there would be a market for these 4350’s?



Any insight is appreciated -- happy listening!


Thanks, I’ve debated eBay as well.

It has just been difficult to understand value.

Holy crap! Those are highly desirable JBL loudspeakers, I would place an ad here on Audiogon. 

Provenance matters with these speakers. What studio, what tours were they used with. E.G. Stevie Wonder used JBL 4350s for sidefill monitors in the Mid-70s (his were veneered). The utility cabinets and hanging hardware indicate pro use. If you can document that, it can add thousands to their value.

I wouldn't pay $140,000 for those junkie speakers they're not even close to being anywhere near as good as the new speakers are now..

All good info to hear.

As it relates to $140k lol? … that value never once crossed my mind.

However, great to hear there would be interest in these speakers.

I’ll have to position them for auction or something.

Definitely unsure of their value … but wouldn’t hurt to start placing ads out.


OMG, Those JBL 4350s would be great in a large room or home theater. Wow! I cannot imagine that you will have them for long if put up for sale. Grills can be made without much pain. 

4350s are wonderful speakers. They don’t have the best imaging in the world, but they are accurate, powerful, relaxed, and unbelievably dynamic. I own them, along with Array 1400, Everest 67000, Revel Salon 2, and several others, and I have no interest in selling them. They are just great. They are the Holy Grail, the ultimate for vintage JBL fans.

I sold a pair to a dear client from our shop new in 1974. I have maintained them ever since and rebuild drivers every 10 years with JBL parts. He drives them bi-amped with a very happy pair of McIntosh MC2500s. Don't sell your memories and continued happiness cheap - life turns out not to be that long. This equipment was made for the long trip.


Great speakers!

They need plenty of power. I have the second, updated, series with the alnico woofers (gray cones, not white paper) and I drive them with two MC1000s and one MC500 through the original external crossover. The foam on the four woofers needs to be redone every 8 to 10 years. I had the internal and external crossovers checked and serviced a few years ago, just to make sure they were in spec.

I really enjoy the 43xx series. I also own the 4343 alnico, the 4315B, the 4333 alnico, the 4430 and the 4435. I preferably use McIntosh power amps with them, even though I have a variety of amps.

The 4350s need a fairly large room (at least 50 sqm) and it must be well damped.

Be carefull not to exceed with the listening volume, because they can effortlessly play very loudly, with no distortion, which can be detrimental to your hearing.

Thanks, I’m currently going down the road of getting them up to snuff and ready to play nicely for years to come. The foam does need replaced, which I plan to do no problem. Planning to power with two MC2100’s.

As it relates to the internals and crossovers, I plan on going through those as well and ensure all are working as expected.

I joined the JBL forums for further advice and meh…

It was highly recommended to send my 4333A’s to upland loudspeaker for service…. 8 months later and I have never received a call back, update, or anything… even after paying upfront.

Hoping I’ve not been robbed and Ken Haerr has just taken more work than he can handle in a reasonable timeframe.