Innuos Zenith Backorder

I first became aware of Innuos from the discussion of top streamers for 2019 here on Audiogon. There are only two dealers in western Canada and I was able to check out the Zenith Mark II at the Edmonton dealer on March 20. I placed an order for the current model, Zenith Mark III, and was told it would arrive to my door in about two weeks.

After three weeks I inquired as to the shipping status and eventually was told they would be shipping the first week of May. That date passed and I began to get frustrated with the lack of communication from my dealer. I would only hear from him if I initiated contact. The dealer expressed frustration with the Canadian distributor. He gave me the email address for the Canadian distributor which, not surprisingly, went unanswered.

In the discussion of top streamers I saw another member, nyev, was also in Canada and had ordered from the Calgary dealer. I reached out and we have been sharing any news/rumours of when the product might ship. The Calgary dealer had heard that problems with the faceplate supplier were responsible for the delay.

I also emailed Innuos sales and received a reply that worldwide chip shortages had thrown off their production schedule and that they hoped to be back on track soon, but no specific timeframe was mentioned.

This week I cancelled my order and received a refund. The product is certainly well reviewed and I may still end up with one but am currently considering other options such as the Wyred 4 Sound MS.

If anyone has additional data points to offer I welcome the input.


I understand your pain, but sometimes great things are worth the wait! I have an Innuos Zen Mk2 and love it, both sound quality and also ease of use. Also, while I have had no problems with my unit, I have had a couple of questions, which Innuos was always quick to answer. They seem to have very good customer service.

With that being said, there are so many really good digital products out there these days.

I ordered my Innuos Zen mk3 back in March and I am currently being told early June for delivery. I think the average time is two to three months wait.

I would have liked to have received my order sooner, but it is worth the wait. Unfortunately it happens with certain products that are made in other countries. Plus , Innuos is a very hot selling item currently.

I once waited 7 to 8 months for an Audio Note order.

Chord Audio is the same way currently. Certain models will have a wait time of 3 to 4 months.

If you want something , you have to get in line and place your order.

Just received my Zenith MKIII after about 7 -8weeks.  Worth the wait and will only get better!  I wouldn't have cancelled the order.
As mmeldogg mentioned, I am still waiting for my Zenith MKIII, impatiently.  I will wait it out.  The biggest shame is that Innuos’ distributor told them my order would ship in 30 days (it’s about 75 now).  And, my dealer says the distributor stopped responding to requests for updates.  My dealer tried to convince me to get something else instead (Antipodes), but I will stick it out.  If it is true that the delay is caused by an Intel chip shortage, as Innuos told mmeldogg directly, then it is not in their control and not their fault.  But the poor communication and service is a shame.
Must be a special chip, because ic manufacture has slowed down significantly in the last 6 months or so, because of slackening demand.  There is a glut of most chips now.
I also received my Innuos Statement last week. It took approximately six weeks from the time I ordered it. Happy with the purchase, unhappy with the wait...but I have had to wait for other things in this hobby so I didn't consider it exceedingly unusual.
It is good to hear the company is again shipping product.

Part of my frustration was due to incorrect information regarding the lead time. Then I found I wasn't able to get an answer from my dealer as he was unable to get information from the Canadian distributor.

I now heard from one Canadian dealer that future orders will bypass the Canadian distributor and will be direct from the manufacturer.
I’m still waiting for my Zenith mkiii which was ordered in March too. Western Canada delivery. My patients is running out!
would anyone know if Zenith Mkii  is discontinued. Even on Innuos web site they have listed only zen and statement.

I could possibly get a demo unit, any owners of zenith MKii that could provide their opinion on this unit,

The current model is The Zenith Mk3.

 You are right that Innuos currently does not show the Zenith Mk.3 on their website. If you type in Zenith Mk.3 in the search area on the Innuos website, it will show available for sale though.  It might just be a current error with their web page.

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