Insurance salesmen and audiophiles

He knocked on my door as I was trying to tweek my tonearm setup. Tweek might be understating it since It seems like I'm always struggling with whether or not the darn thing is setup right. I've got books tools and jigs, confidence I'm short on though.

It was hot outside and he muttered something about selling insurance. I invited him in with the idea that he could have a moment out of the sun, and then I would send him on his way.
"Nice table." he said as he took a seat on the sofa. "Who makes it?"
"Sota, it's a Cosmos." I replied. I used these words as a guage to determine whether a self proclaimed audiophile or a vistor is worth his salt.
"That's a cool name, kinda mysterious sounding, almost poetic."
If people like the table, or the name they're alright. One guy I used to know a long time ago commented that the name made him want to sign up for the space shuttle.
"Pretty tough business, selling insurance, I mean."
He didn't look very tough.
"Would you like some water?"
"I certainly would." he answered with enthusiasm.
He drank his water and I replaced the bolts holding the arm board in place.
"Have you got any good music?"
Well, of course that got us started. He talked about music, jazz, classical, even some classic rock. "Have you ever heard of so and so... Oh yes, do you know about...?
"Have you ever heard Satchmo plays King Oliver?" he asked
"Have you ever drank single malt scotch?" I replied.
That led to spinning records and listening to any number of different things. We agreed that a person just couldn't find good music in the stores anymore, but we also talked about the new 45 rpm reissues of all kinds of great music. That led to a discussion about Music Direct and Analog Productions, and to drinking more scotch.
After a time te gentleman rose to go. I remembered that he came to sell insurance.
"Are you selling insurance?" I asked.
"Yes, from a special list. You're on it."
"That's alright," I said "I just bought insurance at the bank."
"That's what they told me." he said
I am sure it is only my paranoia.... either that or the jealousy of a great afternoon with music and scotch... but the last few lines worry me..

"Yes, from a special list. You're on it."
"That's alright," I said "I just bought insurance at the bank."
"That's what they told me." he said

They told him?? Did he some how get a list of your gear from a recent application for insurance and was he casing your house to find out how easy it would be to steal???

Makes me wonder how good is your alarm and when does the new policy become 100% effective??
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Hell and I thought you two had a blooming relationship for a minute LMAO, errrr sorry its the Scotch talkin.
Yeah, it really was beginning to sound like a Penthouse Forum letter gone really bad!!
Selling names of known customers with the ability to buy is a big business and one that is profitable. Ever try to register your software without completing the required fields? And, then you get what you regard as spam? Ever subscribe to one magazine and then get solicitations for every magazine on the planet? Bought a new car and get offers from other dealers on the anniversary of the purchase? Ever order an album online just to receive other catalogs in the mail? Your business ins't a secret these days. No need to scare Nate. Being nice to another human being on a hot day isn't a bad thing to do.
"That's a cool name, kinda mysterious sounding, almost poetic."
You told him your Audiogon name? C'mon Nrchy, you know the rules.
Geez, and I thought you were going to tell us he offered to help and then he set up the table perfectly since he works for the good hands company :)
Nrchy, Seriously. This could possibly sell as a short short story. It has that minimalist/post-modern style that many literary mags are looking for.
The goods hands company...HA
When they deal with me they only use one finger lol
Papertrail I don't think I'd ever try to market this, but it is fiction. I thought AudiogoN could use a little levity and humor. I don't even have a Cosmos yet, but I did order one.
Why, you slippery little bugger! You ordered a Cosmos eh? Cripes, now there are two for me to lust over....
Raggy - I'm getting a lot of heat for the boxes in my garage. Can you help me with that at all???
Nate, you haven't been to a meeting in a while, I was hoping to grab them from you last week. Drop me a PM or email and let me know when you're around during the week ;)
No, I'm no longer involved with the Newas group. It was supposed to be educationaland fun, and it has been neither for quite a while. I removed my profile and deleted myself from the site. There was/is an element that makes it no longer worth the effort. ANYWAY for that reason I can't use the PM option anymore. I am generally home any evening, if I have enough notice!!!