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I’m looking to upgrade my digital streaming system in my living room. I currently have a Yamaha A-S2100 integrated. The As2100 sounds very nice, but maybe lacking some depth. It really looks great as a centerpiece . I like the classic silver look with the VU meters. A new integrated would have to be a kind of a center piece as well, with any other gear stored out of site.

I’m using a Bluesound Vault2 into a Schitt Yggdrasil, both are 5+ years and no upgrades.. Toslink between the Vault and Yiggi, Balanced from Yiggi to AS2100, simple #10 stranded X 6’ speaker cables. The speakers are Sonus Faber Electa Amator III, and they are staying in the system.

I am just looking to stream with this system, no CD or phono. I use Roon, Tidal, Spotify. I don’t need MQA. But I need a remote, and a good app (Roon). And, I want fill my room with the best sound I can.

One thought is to keep the Bluesound and Yiggi and upgrade to a better integrated, used Luxman L509X, Accuphase, a used VAC Sigma could drive the Sonus Fabers with 85 watts. Most other tube integrated amps may not have enough watts to do the job (Decware, Shindo..) Gryphon 120, Mola Kula, Constellation 1.0 would be nice, but too pricey, even used. I have had Pass, Rogue and Parasound, all very good, but looking for something different.

The other thought is to go with an all in one component like the Ayre EX8, Naim Unity Atom, or Cambridge Audio Evo 150. I like the idea of one component doing everything, less cables and clutter, and less expensive than the above options. But can these Class D integrated amps sound "amazing" ?




@curiousjim selling off some gear, I could be around $7K. Although that may be a stretch for a used Luxman L-509X. If I could drastically improve on the current combo, $5K would be nice. So, $4k - $7K 

If you can swing the 509X that would be wonderful, but you’re still going to need a streamer. So I have about 2500 CD’s either on a shelf or on a NAS and I just bought my first streamer this year ( a Node N130 ) to see what everyone was talking about. I quickly became hooked and upgraded both my connection and the power supply on the Node and am not sure I’m going to change my streamer for a good while as it also sees my Nas, so I can seamlessly listen to all the tunes I have on there. I’m very pleased with the sound. I am still going to try all of the services Qobuz Tidal Amazon etc. 

I’d suggest getting an open box Node ( I paid $500 instead of $600 ) start there. It has a DAC that a lot of people like and you already know the software. As time past, I did buy a separate DAC, but it also made a difference on my CD’s. 

@curiousjim I do have an NAS that holds Flac Files of all my CD's. The Node does have some upgrades over the Vault, including a better DAC. I have been streaming with the Vault into an external Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, which inputs to the Yamaha AS2100. I have played around with the Vault DAC, Yggdrasil, and a Codex DAC. 

But, I'm looking for an upgrade that makes the biggest difference in sound quality, whether it be combining the streamer, DAC and Amp into one component. IE Naim, Ayre, Cambridge Audio etc, OR continue to use my current streamer/DAC and go big with a new Integrated. Yamaha, Luxman, Mark Levinson, Accuphase etc

I’ve read your post several times, and I think your biggest upgrade could come from replacing the Vault with an Innuos Zen Mk3.  I’ve learned in my own evolving streaming system that streamers can make a huge difference and I honestly think the Vault the biggest bottleneck in your system by far.  The biggest limitation is your requirement that the integrated needs to be a showpiece, which greatly narrows your options and otherwise I’d be recommending a Hegel integrated that’d do everything you’re looking for minus the looks.  Anyway, I’d absolutely start with the streamer, FWIW. 

OP, does your room have a flat frequency response? Can you post any measurements you have taken? If you don’t know find out before buying anything because you may want to address that first.


Moon by Simaudio ACE. But it is A/B. NAD M10 or the Cambridge Evo series. 

@marktheshark Does the ideal solution have local file serving via hard drive or network storage device as well, or do you plan to only stream?

One suggestion is to find a quality preamp with DAC and streamer built in and use your Yamaha A-S2100 as an amp only (you can set the unit to bypass its volume attenuator in the back). This may give you the oomph you are looking for while also expanding your options. 

I am an Aurender dealer and can tell you the Aurender A15 might fit the bill. Compared to Bluesound, Aurender will have more of everything (clarity, separation, stage size), and the preamp stage is very linear. This might work well knowing that the Yamaha is a bit more relaxed. The A15 could stack just above the amplifier and add to the centerpiece design you are seeking.

There are other solutions as well. A Modwright CXN V2 might be a more cost effective way to go (Cambridge CXN V2 whose analog stage has been modded to a hefty tube-based circuit and quality linear power supply). The A15 does sound better, but at a higher price point.


I had a Naim Unity Atom and it’s very good for what it is. The software and interface are easy. I sold it as the apartment I used for work is no more.

A used Lumin T2 or new T3 will blow away the bluesound/schitt gear. Once upon a time I had a Bluesound too…..

As mentioned a more robust intergrated would really help. You could get solid state or tubes. For your budget you can reel this in.




Bryston B135 over on TMR for around 50% off retail.  Bryston offers a  DAC module for  that as an upgrade.  You could add a Sonore Micro Rendu as your endpoint.   Might be able to stuff all that into you budget and clean up the boxes and get good SQ as well.   AS mentioned some of the MOON products would be a good choice. 

You can go over to and ask the Bryston group about the B135 and there are reviews out there as well. 

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Consider integrated streamer/DAC/pre-amp: TEAC UD-701.

For discussion see thread below.