Integrating video streaming into a dedicated audiophile system

I'd like to add HDTV to my audiophile system (Trinnov Amethyst, dcs Rossini, Roon nucleas plus, D'Agostino S250 biamp to refurbished Apogee Divas with Dax, 2 JL 13.5 inch subs, Walker Audio airbearing TT with Sumiko MM cartridge, Niagra power straps, ACS room treatments in a larger 21x27 feet room with a vaulted ceiling). There is at least 108 inches between speakers, and I do not want to mount on the wall or suspend the video screen from the ceiling. I seriously am  considering an AWOL retractable screen and short throw laser project.


Does anyone have experience integrating HDTV streaming into a dedicated audiophile system, so I could listen and watch streamed and blu-ray concerts, ballets, operas, movies, etc? Does anyone have an AWOL video system -what do you think? Any serious suggestions would be deeply appreciated!


I have a completely seperate 5.1 system coaxial with my 2.1 hifi system. I share the sub array through a manual switch.

Most TV I just listen to via Monsoon Planar 9s plugged directly into the TV.

AWOL?  Absent without leave?  Are you looking to build a center channel and surround channels into this?  What do you have for an AVP or do you even want one?  Really a lot of missing info here.  Please put in a little more effort/info to help us help you.  We’re not mind readers here. 

Honestly, maybe I don't know what you need to know to give advice. AWOL is a brand of of projectors and screens which can be Googled. My issue is utilizing an excellent 2.2 system without the hoopla of surround sound. I have a surround system with excellent video but only good sound. I want to take my high end system to become a flexible HD AV system, but do not know how or what is needed to bring it together. Occasionally, I would like to stream met opera or Cleveland orchestra's "Adella" to watch and listen to in high Def. Anyway, if I'm not offering enough info to saturate anyone's crystal ball, then my bad. Please spare yourself the effort, as it likely will offer woefully inadequate advice, saturated with sarcasm that betrays ignorance. None of us want that. Thank you for trying, though.

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I want to take my high end system to become a flexible HD AV system, but do not know how or what is needed to bring it together.

I do, but I’ll be damned if I share any of my knowledge with the likes of you.  Later dude. I’ll let someone else try to untangle your riddle. Good luck with that.


I have the TV audio also go into my HiFi preamp through a stereo DAC but I don’t use it much because the stereo sound is good enough through the planars. Better to go 5.1 with 2 ESLs and 3 ribbons.

Much of the video I watch is 5.1+ which benefits from the latter.

I have seen NO advantages of what you are trying to do. Time to find millercarbon.

I think converting excellent Stereo to a limited video (without surround) is a viable choice. Especially if you already have a 5.1 elsewhere.

Very often I change to 2 channel, cut out my center and surrrounds, it sounds better.

This AVR has a full set of Pre-Outs, front, center, up to 4 subs


ou use it's pre-outs (AVR processses

IF you already have a 5.1 system, then using your 2.2 audio system for Video with no Surround is a viable alternative

2.2 video

A. a great sounding 2 channel stereo system

B1. An AVR with Preouts for Front and Preout for Subwoofers.

B2. AVR controls PROCESSING and VOLUME for all speakers for video only

B3. AVR powers NEW CENTER SPEAKER only. Subs are self-powered

C. Add a Preamp with a selectable input: which is Home Theater Pass Thru for Front Speakers. AVR volume controlled line level goes thru the Preamp/out to existing 2 channel Amp which continues to power front speakers for either video or 2 channel music Front Speakers.

Using the Subs for either Audio or Video is tricky, a switch may be needed, not sure.


This Denon AVR has a full compliment of Pre-Outs and up to 4 sub-woofers.


Thx, sounds like I may need a pre-amp with video and and inputs. I was doping to stream thru roon or even the Rosinni, but that may not be be possible. I'll check with the dealer, but he doesn't handle AWOL video systems which would have suited me well! I appreciate you opinion and suggestions.

Hi fuzziness! I could do a surround sound but I really wish to maintain pure audio abilities in the main listening room, as that would remain 90+% of my listening experience. Another option may be to upgrade the surround room, as the cost may be similar. 

If you absolutely must maintain a 2 channel system then you'll need a preamp or integrated with a HT bypass input. 

The next thing you need is either a receiver with preamp outs (for L and R) or a processor and multi-channel amplifier.  The former is quite convenient as you get amps for the center and surrounds.

@classicalpiano , If you wanna just make do with your existing components, i.e., you don’t want to get a dedicated multichannel/atmos processor, additional speakers, etc, do as follows:

a) Get a Apple TV latest gen box/Nvidia Shield/Google Chromecast/Amazon firestick/etc, i.e. whatever your choice of streaming device is and plug its HDMI output directly into a HDMI input of your AWOL projector.

b) Run the projector’s SPDIF output into a SPDIF input of your hifi stereo dac/preamp for audio...

With your 2 speakers, you will now have hifi stereo through your hifi DAC, amps, etc for whatever you are watching! Hope that helps..

Hello classicalpiano,

I am using a relatively primitive combination of audio and video and it works fine for me. My Oppo blue ray player is connected to my pre-amp with a pair of RCA IC's. Oppo is connected with a projector with an HDMI cable. My sub-woofers are connected to my pre-amp with balanced cables. My screen is retractable hanging above the windows.  

My system produces fine sound stage, so I never needed a center speaker.

I hope this helps.

Good luck


All very compelling options. I like deep_333's idea. It seems very doable and could retain excellent sound quality while adding HDTV. Think I'll dig deeper into this idea. Thx all!


btw, screen height is very important. I'm 6', donna's 5'. while sitting in viewing position, we used piles of books, until we found height that was neck friendly.

Then I made a riser to position the TV above the cabinet below, and put the center speaker below tv, on rack

lousy pic, you get the idea

center speaker below tv anchors dialog to image. that's a metal sculpture on wall above tv