Interest in Ohm speakers

From time to time I've seen posts/comments here on Ohm models.  So there is likely some interest in this preview by Steve Guttenberg.  Now looking forward to his full review.
Seems like he gets it.

For those curious and able I read another third party will be demo’ing OHMs along with other "affordable" speakers in a gofundme funded penthouse room at RMAF.
Thanks for the link @pryso. Nice to see Ohm getting some much deserved love and attention. 
Another thank-you for the link. I’m also a happy owner of a set of Ohms, though the 1000 model in my case. They make it easy to enjoy music, if that what's of interest to a person.
I have a pair of vintage Ohm Sound Cylinders (bought cheap at GoodWill). They are astonishing speakers! Full 3-D room-filling sound! I am very happy to have found them - often people don't know what they are giving away!
I've been wanting a pair of 1000's for a long time but they never come up on the used market.
You don't see many omnidirectional or even pseudo omnidirectional designs nowadays, so naturally they look interesting.

They seem to be a modern take on Lincoln Walsh's original 1970s Ohm A design. You can read some more on their website here:

Z Reviews
and Steve Guttenberg both seem very impressed with them, but until recently, for such a radically different approach, they have been ignored by the print media. 

Happy owner for many years. These speakers never fatigue and always satisfy. What else does anyone want from you speaker. 

I listened to them at RMAF.  Went back to my notes.  They sounded "small" to me.  This was my impression and on the second day with my audio buddy, he had the same comment.  It wasn't a problem with the overall tone, but the lack of overall presence. 


It was a normal sized hotel room in I believe Vinnie Rossi room.  Ohm wasn't being formally exhibited and just being used by the Vinnie Rossi folks.  I didn't catch the model of the speakers.

Coukd you tell what was the driver size?   Its indicated by the diameter of the "can".

 The z reviews suite on the 9th floor was supposed to have Ohm 3000s which are middle of the range depending on room size.
I actually liked the ohms at RMAF.  I thought they sounded nice.  Obviously, set-up wasnt ideal, they were in the corners of the room behind a row of 4 pairs of bookshelf speakers on stands.  I thought they were detailed, relaxed, good bass and filled the room evenly.  I see why people like them!

The room was actually on the big side as well.  It would be comparable to an open floorplan, where a great room is open to a kitchen and dining room, if that makes sense.  
I should have read your post closer... i didn’t realize that you were talking about a different room.  My mistake
Those were Walsh 3000s in the zreview room from what I read.

Probably a good pick but for an open floorplan area like that I would have thrown the big boys, the 5000s with 12" driver and 4 3-way level adjustments if needed at it and be meticulous in placement and setup, maybe not so far apart, but hard to say without being there, especially at a high end audio show. They probably wanted the corner placement to boost the bass in that room.

Also on the 9th floor of the hotel with those floors I would put them on SubDude isolation pads like I do mine to minimize floor interactions especially with the bottom port used in most of the Ohm Walsh speakers. Cleans up the bass and let’s the mids shine through much like when used with subwoofers.

You can see them about 30 seconds in with this video they shot in that room prior to the show opening.

I use my smaller Ohm 100s (8" Driver, between 1000 and 2000 models in current line in size) in a similar size open area at home in my 2nd system in the family room.

@b_limo they sound much like what you describe from the show.