Is being an audiophile a disease?

I’m new to this audio world. I bumped into this video and it explains a lot.

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Interesting video, I liked the Pioneer and Zenith commercials that followed. But the initial video does make me realize that sometimes the obsession can be a little over the top. But hey if you enjoy...then enjoy to the fullest.
OCD, oh yea.. disease no, disorder yes. The old Corner horns, cost a fortune today, Garrard 301 and old Victrola.. I have 2 of the 3....If you have all 3 then head for the hospital..

Another thing, there is no garbage cans in a true audio nutters house, piles maybe, but no dumping.. That’s the stuff some other nut job is gonna try to fix.. Geeeezzz

An audiophile love music but gives some thoughts to take care of the 3 embeddings of his audio system: the mechanical resonant field, the electrical field of the house, and the acoustical field of the room...

Compulsive buying and upgrades are a disease increased by disinformation in the marketing of electronic components and promoted in most audio forums...

Creating Hi-Fi experience cost peanuts if we learn to embed our already relatively good audio system...

It is fun, more simple than you thought, and we dont need to be an engineer at all, it is even better if you dont are one.... :)

The reason why is simple: the acoustic dimension of a room is way more important and impactful than the electronical design of an amplifier or even of speakers....In the video someone say: "machine more sensitive than the ears they play to"... 

Being an audiophile is not a disease, not being able to separate head from ass is one..... :)
That was a great video....its like 70 years old ...WOW....everything true ,just like
It's called GAS -- Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It is rampant in other industries as well -- or else, I wouldn't currently own 57 F-mount lenses and 10 F-mount bodies (not to mention all the ones I no longer own). There is always something that is just a little better or a little different that might make a big difference in the outcome. Expensive cables, anyone? Yeah, right.
Well as best I can tell it’s not normal.  But normal is boring. So is average. 
Gear Acquisition Syndrome
I consider myself an audiophile precisely because i dont buy anything....

First off, the delusion of perfection or authenticity ought to be dispensed with. It is the utmost in foolishness.

But to seek improvement and novelty--what's wrong with that. We are wired to seek new experiences, and so much of human society is dependent on that drive. 

We tend to mock the foolishness in other people's hobbies or interests, while being endlessly fascinated by our own. Just the other day, I smirked at someone who dislikes the American president, yet invested time and money to read his nieces account of Mr. Trump.

But why should I smirk? It is no stranger than me drooling over high end tonearms that I would be foolish to acquire. 
YES,but at least there's no chance of dieding from it.  But ,You may ended up in a mental unit.
Not an actual disease, but definitely falls under the realm of ADDICTION!!!  Coming from someone who own 25+ pairs of speakers and countless pieces of electronics.  Just sayin'
Being an audiophile and listening Pachelbel in ectasy after treating 2 of my corners ceiling with aluminum paper and cardboard is not a disease... It is ears working creative imagination....Yes ears have an imagination of their own.... 😉😎😌

Because trust me speakers hate to live with 4 empty corners......

On the other hand judging other’s habit is perhaps in some case a disease ....

My addiction is music for the soul, my hobby is working to increase the sound wave perception at no cost....

I dont buy or collect gear tough....
Yes 👍 It’s only a disease If your broke or poor like I am right now .. and or if you have a lot of money too ... I’ve been stuck with the same system for 8 years now , still enjoy to .
no matter what your situation is audiophile keeps wanting more ..
weather it’s budget or high end stuff .
my speakers are about as low end as you will find on this site .
Ive got 9-11 entry level speakers , and 6-8 pairs of mini shelf system speakers those are the bottom of the dirt still got them tho in case I need a backup . 3 pairs of satellites not sure one set fully works yet , or if my old amp is blown .
Churning equipment in an attempt to find the Holy Grail is an addiction that I don't have. Vinyl records on the other hand ... 
Churning equipment in an attempt to find the Holy Grail is an addiction that I don't have.
By the way your audio system and room are great oregonpapa.....

 I am very curious with the device in wood behind your speakers....Can you speak what is the effect you feel with it?