Is compressed bamboo good to help reduce vibs

Hi guys,

Is anyone using or has anyone tried blocks made of bamboo material (versus maple blocks) under speakers or other audio equipment to help reduce vibrations? A local store sell blocks made of bamboo material (compressed bamboo or laminated bamboo) and I was considering using this under my speakers and other audio equipment to help reduce vibrations. I have hardwood floors. The blocks are 2 inch thick and weight a ton (the compressed material is heavier than the laminated material). The blocks also look very good. A block 19" X 19" X 2" only costs $30.

I think the answer is going to be---"For $30 try one." Add spikes and you have an amplifier stand.

What store sells them?
Don't be so silly.
Only Symposium, Silent Running Audio, and other products costing thousands work for reducing vibration in home audio gear.
Next you'll be asking about cheap wire........
Devore's new monitor enclosures (3XL) are made from Bamboo which he selected because of reduced resonances and because bamboo is very environmentally friendly since it is easy to regrow. There must be something to it. I second the question: which store sells them? Sounds like a good deal. Let us know how they work if you try them. Thx
if you look at my system page you'll find a pic of amp stands I made from similar bamboo butcher blocks. I bought the blocks from TJ Max for $20 each and are about 16"x19"x2". They are glued/screwed to an MDF plinth to which the supporting legs are bolted. I bought the "legs" off ebay and while I'm certain they were never intended as legs for anything, I don't know what they were for originally, though my guess is they were rollers for some heavy industrial conveyor system.

Frankly I can't tell you if they reduce vibration because I didn't believe it was an issue in the first place. The Bamboo was as hard and heavy as a similar Rock Maple butcher block I was considering at the time though. My amps sit on a concrete slab floor, and previous stands were a slab of particle board with home made legs. The new ones are more attractive for sure and I know they didn't make anything worse.
I saw them at a place called "The big bamboo warehouse". The blocks are actually samples but in good condition. They have the laminated version and the compressed version.
I use them. They work ok. I bought them at whole foods for about $45 and have tried them under all my components. I have found that bdr cones and pucks work about 100 times better though.