Is it possible to bring your kids into this hobby?

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CROSSOVER?, Your kids will be running the other way.. CROSSOVER?

Start off your will by saying "No listen, no Dough" :-)

Explain the more they like it, the more of YOUR stuff they will get.
It’s better to learn about the best, to get the most, from Dad/Mom.

Appeal to their greed. Usually works to get them started. LOL
ALL mine love music. NOW, the degree, that depends.

I been a Dad a long time.. Dancing, singing, music. Make it fun..

The only crossover discussion at my house is the part about square dancing, do-si-do!

OLAY! Hat on the floor.. As I slowly walk around the hat to the beat of the music, my faithful K-9 follows.

Tap tap Samba..and then Cha Cha Cha, Amego..

Build something, don't buy something.  Spend a weekend putting together a kit with your kids. :)
I kinda have my doubts, as they think music mainly comes from phones and someone named Alexa.

My youngest showed a little interest, so over the course of some birthdays, Christmas, and just cleaning out my  extra stuff, I've given her a pair of Paradigm bookshelf speakers (not the Atoms-- slightly  larger and not of Canadian Mfg.), Pangea stands, and a Yamaha receiver.  

She got her own cabinet. 

If she gets a turntable, I have a spare Parasound ZPhono.

She does listen to it a lot, as she is working from home, and pretty diligent about actually sitting in place and getting stuff done. 

Being a millenial, of course she has mastered how to get her phone to play through it.

We'll see. You can teach a person to fish, but they ultimately have to like fishing. 

In my house its been a very big hell no...

Iphone, AirPods and streaming “are the best Dad.” I did succeed in getting my son into 911’s though. Unfortunately, his insurance premium isn’t kind to my audio budget.

As a dad, I pass on what I can. Hifi ain’t it.
Lord knows, I tried.

I have two daughters and four adult grandchildren. There’s not a CD player among them. The music they listen to comes over their I-phones into their ear-buds.

My tween daughter thinks her Echo Dot sounds the same as the reference system. Sigh .........  But her best friend apparently is now into records and has started acquiring Beatles LPs.  ...  Thinking of trading kids, lol.

Erik - totally agree. It was building a studio, and the speakers, and wiring it up, with my son which really grabbed him. He’s now going to study music engineering at university in September, and he has his own band, and his own small music business. Just turned 18. Happy dad!
Iphone, AirPods and streaming “are the best Dad.” I did succeed in getting my son into 911’s though.

Then you have done well dmac67. You have done very well indeed.

I was this kid.
What I mean, I actually did this, and almost as young.
I always had a decent audio system in my house and my 3 kids were exposed to good music. I purchased each a system that fit their needs based on their desires, not my own. None expensive.  My oldest daughter has a vinyl based system. My son runs vinyl and digital. My other daughter used hers most to augment video.  They all also play music via their phones. 
"I was this kid.
What I mean, I actually did this, and almost as young."

You dream about it, you decide you will have it, then you enter kindergarten.

(That is how it went, if I remember correctly)

My teen son always reminds me that, to him, his earbuds through his phone sound better than my multi-thousand dollar home system.

I'm totally ok with this.  I wouldn't wish our disease on anyone.
I have three sons.  They're all hooked on audio AND on vinyl.  Fortunately, I have enough equipment to pass them my hand-me downs - speakers, amps, pre-amps and turntables.  
All three have respectable systems. For example, one son has Elac B6 speakers, an old Technics SL-1200 turntable, and an old NAD 3020 integrated amp.  
I totally agree with @erik_squires , building something will offer an understanding of how things work, a sense of accomplishment, avoiding a pursuit of consumerism, and perhaps most importantly provide a bonding experience of doing all that together. I’m confident it will be memory not forgotten.
@erik_squires @unsound Building is the way to go! I’m building one of the Pass ACA’s with my 11 year old now and it’s a blast. He’ll have his first piece of kit and be proud of it!
It's tough to bring kids into quality sounding music if they don't have an appreciation for music.  If they have the opportunity to play an instrument that helps in the appreciation.  My brother and I started on the violin, then guitars.  He has a recording studio and I have a lifelong love of audio and music.
If you take the right approach then it’s easy to get kids interested in all kinds of stuff. I was competing in concours one time with a friend, his wife and two kids were helping prep the car. His kids, probably seen him do the car a hundred times, they were just going through the motions.

I took a minute said here look at this, just this one lug nut, just this one tiny little area around the lug nut. See way in there? Kids have great eyes, they see the dirt no problem. So I tell them that’s what we’re doing. The whole car if you stand back and look at it, looks perfect. What we want is to find any tiny speck hiding anywhere on this wheel. Hide and seek!

Now they have a game, and man you never seen kids play so hard! We won, and the areas of the car the kids were responsible for- the wheels- got some of the highest scores.

Kids just naturally want to learn stuff. Carl Sagan had a whole big thing about kids and their zest for learning. How we as adults stamp a lot of it out. Don’t do that! Find some part of it they can relate to, make it interesting, give them something to do, they will be all over it.

Like the violinist in grade school, he said close your eyes and listen. Now I am one violin. And he played one clean note. Now I am two. And he played a chord. Now I am five! And I swear that is what we heard!

Kids like games. Make it interesting. If they aren’t interested, oh well. But I doubt that will happen. If I can get kids interested in cleaning wheel lug nuts you can for sure get them interested in music.
I agree, kids want to learn. It is about exposure. Kids will follow those things they take most interest in. Must start young. Send them to kindergarden well exposed.