Is it worth replacing a Lumin D2 with an Eversolo dmp-a6 Master Edition?



i just got a new DAC (T+A DAC 200), to upgrade the internal DAC of my Lumin D2 (that i use as a streamer only now).

Do you think it will be a sonic upgrade to get an Eversolo dmp-a6? or just a cosmetic upgrade … or worse … can it sound worst?






It's supposed to be a very good streamer.    My Dad just ordered one.  I'm looking forward to setting it up for him.   Steve Huff loved the standard version.   

I use an Aurender N200.  If I had a T+A 200 DAC that is what I would consider.   But at $1300 the Eversolo could be a good value.  

I am going to post a mini review of my thoughts after setting it up.  He should have it in a few weeks, they are backordered

In my opinion, streamer is depends on its hardware and software/firmware, most important is the good support and after sales service in the long run.  If you are satisfied with your current streamer and its firmware stability, just stay with it.  

Are you a Roon subscriber?  I am, I hardly use my streamer (CXN V2) apps as mostly I use Roon Remote  via tablet/phone to browse and play music unless I listen to internet radio 

Is the DMP A6 features like display unit, VU meter attracts you?  

i do think that the DMP A6 is very attractive at the hardware level (more than the Lumin)

Summit HiFi is a distributor of these.  My Dad's should ship third week of June.   I believe they still have a few pre-order ones left from that batch.  He got the Master edition which has a Femto clock instead of a TXCO clock.   

Specs on both are ridiculously good....   but how do they sound?   I will be sure to post my impressions.  


Congrats on the new DAC.While I haven’t heard the T+A DAC, I understand it is very, very good - particularly for the price point. Please let us know how you like it.

I’m not familiar with the streamer you are considering but want to offer a few thoughts. My own experience suggests you will be well rewarded by pairing your very high quality DAC with a streamer of at least similar quality (and unfortunately, expense). 

For me (YMMV), going to a higher quality streamer made an even bigger difference than going to a higher quality DAC. Some will disagree, but there are plenty on these forums who have similar experience. There are readily audible differences as you go up the chain.

I suspect you would be pleasantly surprised by auditioning the Aurender N200 (or even N20 if your budget can stretch).. Auralic is also coming out w/ an upgraded version of their Aries G2.x streamer (and G3). The GRIMM MU1 (I’ve heard it - and it is very good). There are many others which I haven’t heard. Perhaps the matching T+A unit would be a good solution. 

Of course, you might find in your system that the DAC 200 negates the need for a higher quality streamer. So, an audition is a must. But I suspect, given such a high quality DAC, you could be in for a real treat going upstream.

My own experience suggests you will be well rewarded by pairing your very high quality DAC with a streamer of at least similar quality (and unfortunately, expense).

I'm with you on this. I saw a person on Reddit r/audiophile  with $30,000+ worth of new speaker, dac and power amplification planning on using a WiiM Pro for a streamer because in his words, "bits are bits." so it didn't matter.

Oof, that subreddit is pretty much an extension of AmR (aka ASR) and consists of a somewhat younger crowd of HiFi saviors. To each their own, but agree - there may be more to it than “bits are bits.” 


My Dad just received the Eversolo DMP A6 Master last night.  Set up was super easy.   I had it set up in ten minutes. First impressions are really good.   I have always been skeptical about Chi Fi but it is a slick well thought out package that sounds really good.  I am going to bring my RME DAC down at some point to compare its analog output.  

Looks like a good product so far. 

I have no experience with Lumin so I can’t recommend one device over the other.  I have an Aurender N200 and this unit can do everything that can , and then some.  It is pretty impressive so far and sounds very good

Curious what you are replacing it with and why ?   I think it is a great unit for the money .  I like Aurender but they start at $2700 so this unit definitely has appeal for many.  

At the same price point Lumin beats Aurender on every aspect. Eversolo? I don't know. The cheesy look does not suggest a good start.

You would be better off with a higher end server.


Our 432evo servers start at 3500 for our standard model and can be upgraded to any of the higher end models at any time. 


Our aeon is a  perfect match for a top of the line dac like yours.

We  compared an aeon to a 25k Innous statement with the upgraded power supply after Axponna at a local dealer's shop and found the aeon sounded just as good 


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audio Intellect NJ.

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