REGA, Still in Business?

I am in need of some spare parts for my Rega Turn Table.
No dealer in my area so I sent 4 emails to Rega Service. No Reply.

Did they go belly up? Factory burn down?
Any news?
They are still around. I just talked with the US distributor on thursday. The Sound Organisation. Number is 972-234-0182. Nice guys.

I have contacted several Rega dealers, USA, Singapore, England, but I guess it's too much trouble to send me a ball bearing for my spindle.
Rega normally requires you to go through their distributor.
They usually avoid responding directly to customer inquiries. Good luck.
Be patient. The folks at Music Hall were kind enough to send me a replacement anti-skate counter-weight I'd lost ($14). Maybe the Rega peeps getting ready for the L.A. Stereo show in June.
Let us know how this turns out.
With all the news surrounding the Apollo introduction, I highly doubt they are going anywhere.
I've sent emails to Rega directly and received replies, but as noted above, they are structured to rely on their distributors and dealers. The US distributor (Sound Organisation) is pretty responsive. They normally respond to emails the same day. They will locate a dealer who can address your need, or contact Rega if they can't help you themselves. I had one query they couldn't help with once and they helped get the Rega lab guys to respond.

You would think a Company like Rega would have a system in place to answer emails.

I'm sorry I bought their product and discourage anyone out there and to think twice before supporting a company that does not have the courtesy to answer multiple emails.
Hi Jeff

You may want to try Britaudio. I had a Nad533 and broke the little plastic arm retainer on my RB250. Not NAD nor Rega bothered to respond but Micheal got me the part – not bad considering I did not purchase the table from him.

And I discourage Rega to continue selling to people who can't follow the proper channels when attempting to contact them.

Seriously, dude - that's like trying to barge into the Oval Office to talk to the Pres - there are channels and systems devised to keep them from answering the shitload of emails directly. This is why they rely on their hierarchy. Have you tried contacting the importer? It's *their* job to help you as per their contracr with Rega. Super small companies can take the barrage of emails and phone calls (Like EMM Labs. I've spoken to their tech several times). Huge companies have the money to staff people for the job. (Sony, and even Linn UK has pretty good email techs) Medium-size companies like Rega employ a different, but still very effective, form of service through their importers/dealers.

Why don't you contact your dealer? Or did you buy it off of the internet with no warranty and still expect them to support it?

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just think you're being unfair here. They have a system to take care of you, and you chose to do it differently and got upset that they wouldn't do it as YOU thought it should be done, and then you try to discourage people from buying Rega because of it?

Not fair.
"I'm not trying to be a jerk...."

Your doing a good job. Go read the thread.

I sent Rega service numerous emails.
They have an email address listed on their site for Rega service in case you didn't know.
Why do they have a published email address but nobody to respond?
Professsional? Polite? You tell me.

I also sent several emails to Rega dealers in England, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.
We do not have a Rega dealer in my Country.
I did get hold of Sound Organization finally answered and they are helping out now.
Good people there.

Like I said, if you are depending on Rega company to answer emails. Forget it.
Go with another brand and avoid the hassle, I will.

I like to slap em down when they do a lousy job.

An the other hand, when someone perfoms a super service I like to let folks know.
Below is an email from

Dear Jeff

Sorry for he delay in geting back to you.

We have a ball bearing here for your Rega Planar 25 turntable & will
post it to you for free of charge if you would kindly send us your
postal address by return.

Best regards

Andy Wheatley


Rega sent out a new arm lock for my RB250 without questions. Very nice to deal with.
I find Lazarus28's reply to be mildly absurd, and I couldn't agree more with Jeffjarvis. I have a technical question about a Rega product, and it would be a complete waste of my time to attempt to get a distributor to answer it. I was so desperate for an answer that, when Rega's e-mail system was "down" according to their website, I felt it necessary to write them a letter (how quaint); I even included my e-mail address in it, in case someone there wanted to reply that way rather than waste paper, an envelope, and a stamp (along with secretarial resources). Needless to say, it's been about a month and I've received no reply by either method. Now that I know their e-mail system is purportedly working again, I just today tried sending them an e-mail directly. I am not optimistic about a reply.
Mark try contacting:
Simon Webster
Customer Service Coordinator
Rega Research Ltd.

This is the person that replied to my email regarding my broken arm lock.