Is this my Imagination? Shunyata Hydra 6 Delta and some power cords transformed my system.

No this is not product placement advertising, I recently built a new audio rack and decided to upgrade the power distribution feeding my mono block amps, Lumin streamer, and ARC CD9/ DAC. Previously I was only using PS Audio High current ultimate outlets for the amps. My system was great but had a noticeable background hiss / hash noticeable very close to speakers or on very quiet passages. Not a huge issue because I usually like loud Rock N Roll.

I have read some very impressive reviews on Shunyata Research products, but I thought that their prices were a bit wacko for power cables and conditioners. Having survived C-19, my audio motto is F-it go for it.

So, I get this power distributor with the recommended Shunyata cable and added some high end power cables from Kimber, Harmonic Tech, etc. and gave it a shot. The hiss and background hash is 100% gone. This seems to have elevated the system to a new level of clarity and detail. I can hear background vocals more distinctively, and there seems to be a much clearer decay in instruments too. More lifelike. Overall micro detail seems so much clearer. How is this possible? Has anyone else experienced similar things?

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power products are highly situation and location and system dependent... if you are hearing an improvement, that is what matters
Shunyata is on the curing edge of power issues.
Like very few other companies, they have a separate division for medical and military. Ie.: power for MRI machines.
Not weird at all & great to hear. Power cables (& the right conditioners) can substantially upgrade your sound quality. It has in my system. BTW, you probably got some improvement with the new rack as well. 
I have consistently heard improvements from power products and isolation products...
                       If it IS your imagination; you must have a DAMNED GOOD ONE!
Congrats on trying and hearing for yourself, instead of relying on what passes for peer pressure on audio forums. They are not your peers.

All the best,
Nope, it's not your imagination. I have had a similar experience with power cords. So has everybody that has actually tried them (who isn't as deaf as a post I should add! )

You can also add power conditioners to the mix to get a bigger improvement than cables alone. 
     Could anyone, after hearing what you have, actually convince you: YOU HAVEN'T?

             YET: the naysayers* typically try, brazenly, relentlessly and incessantly.

                                       KUDOS; for trusting your own senses!

                                                            *OCD twits
No doubts here, I have been evaluating and upgrading this system for over 30 years. Anything that does not cut it, is immediately back on the "auction block" I still don’t understand the science behind what is happening, and how this amazing conditioner does what it does.
I have been using Shunyata products for many years... I recently sold off my Hydra 8 and anaconda and python power cords [which I loved] as to invest in Shunyata’s latest sota developments in power distribution and power cord technologies...

I purchased a Denali 6000/S v2 along with an Alpha v2 XC to power the Denali.. and three Alpha v2 NR’s for my amp,preamp and cd player. The uptick in sound quality is hugely impressive! The lowering of the noise floor is astounding.. it has to be heard to believe!!! adding quite a bit of a natural realism to my system. Everything about the musical soundscape and tonal balance improved dramatically! If your system is up to the task of being able to discern differences in the quality of sound...these new products from SR will be a revelation without doubt... Highly recommended!
Sounds like it’s filtering some high frequencies.

The only way to be sure it’s not a case of the emperor’s new clothes / suggestion ("I have read some very impressive reviews on Shunyata Research products") is to switch back to the previous config at some point or to get a second opinion.

Better still get someone else to switch it back without telling you.

If you can still hear the differences then that should be sufficient proof for you not to question your imagination.

As they say, the imagination is stronger than the will.