Isoclean Fuses

A few months ago I blew the fuses on my venerable Aragon 4004 mkII. I wondered if an Audiophile fuse was available but had never heard of one. The recent edition of Positive Feedback has a review penned by Albert Porter discussing Isoclean audiophile grade fuses. Anyone had experience with these yet?
and where do you purchase these from? What dealers carry them? I have been looking at these with a "Stocking Stuffer" perspective.......
I have a Isoclean fuse installed in my Ayre amp sometime back but I did not detect any difference though. Must be just me but I find using contact enhancer like Walker's SST on the fuse brings a bigger improvement, IMO.
I installed 5 of them in my old McCormack DNA-2 Rev. A. 1 external and 4 internal.

The 4 internals actually made for a very decent improvement eliminating a bit of harshness, adding a slightly fuller/richer sound, and adding a bit more detail on the top end.

In the scheme of things the $125 for the 5 fuses were well worth the upgrade. Of course compared to a $0.10 fuse, they are way overpriced.

The IsoClean fuses are directional, so be certain to try reversing their direction if you don't notice improvements.

In my experience, like other basic electronics, they took about 40 hours to burn-in.

Aren't the internal fuses fast-blow and the external slo-blow? Just wondering if the $25 fuses came in fast blow. I've got a DNA225 and was considering the same fuse change out.
My understanding is that the fuses are not sold by dealers. Rather, you can buy them through the Isoclean distributor.
Isoclean fuses are sold direct by the distributor, although Isoclean dealers (I am one) can get them. They only make slow blow types because they have found fast blow not to sound acceptable.
I use one 7A fuse in each of my Classe DR8 mono blocks and one 1A in my Blue Circle BC3Mk11 pre-amp power supply. So far the sound of my system has improved in clarity and smoothness.Worth the price,and great service from Ovation Audio.