Jeff Bagby passes away due to Covid

May you rest in peace, Jeff.  My condolences to his friends, family and wife.  
Farewell Jeff.  Thank you for contributing so much to our little corner of this world. 
Very sad to hear this indeed.  Jeff came up with some great designs for the DIY community that I have followed over the years with interest.  Hope his family knows how much his work was appreciated by so many of us.
I didn't know Jeff and reading the article in the Washington Post leaves me with regret. He sounds like a great guy. Condolences to his family and friends.
This is a devastating loss to the diy speaker community and he will be greatly missed. RIP Jeff we will miss you! 
I guess I’m not saying anything new here. I had met Jeff and had a few conversations with him. We thought very much alike in most aspects of life and speaker design philosophy, we are the same age. Really enjoyed my limited time with this true humble gentleman. So sorry for his family and really all of us. This is a huge loss. 
God speed Jeff. Although we never met we are brothers through the Lord. My condolences to his wife and son, it’s always toughest on those who’ve loved us.
My heart is so saddened. So shocked! I feel as you do Axeis1 we never met, but as brothers in the Lord there is a bond that’s just indescribable. 
Thanks, Jeff for all your contributions in the Audio world and the Spiritual world as we were all blessed to have known you. And, to his lovely wife and son, The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace during this time. The Lord is with you.

It seems there is so much wrong in this world currently.  Jeff's life should be an inspiration to many of us.  Hope that I can live up to the example you set Jeff.  God bless your family--they are in my prayers tonight.