hello, I am in quebecois francophone from montreal (sorry for my bad english) and this is the first time I write. My amps are JR 925, pre-amp corrus with the jeff rowland PSU. I am looking for a good dac and Streamer. What do you suggest between the AERIS (plugged into my psu) and the aurender W20 (or an other very good one) or the new ESOTERIC N-01 ( which includes a brand new dac (4497) the same as in the k-01)
if I buy the AERIS you can suggest me a good Streamer.
n.b   I do not have a lot of CDs and so I do not really need a hard drive at the moment.
Thank you.

Guido can provide his opinion of the Aeris DAC with the PSU. I have the JR 625 S2 amp, Corus preamp, and had the Aeris DAC. In lieu of getting the PSU to go with my Aeris, I decided to sell it.  I purchased a Chord Dave DAC and couldn't be happier. 
Another option for a good streamer is the Antipodes DS GT or DX gen 3.

thank you very much for your reply. I understand, you did not have the psu so the decision could be easier. I already have the psu so for me it is not advantageous. Have you read the article in Hi-Fi advice of April 2017.
 N.B. I read Guido's articles about Jeff Rowland. How can I write to him?
You can send Guido a message through Audiogon. He has the passion and knowledge regarding Rowland components to lead you in the right direction. If the PSU improves the Aeris as Guido describes,  I submit getting the Aries is a no brainer. 

Given the gleaming stack of Rowland gear you already have including the PSU, I would get the Aeris and never look back....then get a separate streamer.  If you don't want a CD ripper/hard drive etc on the could look at something like the dCS Network Bridge or the new Auralic Aires G2.  The Lumin U1 is also a good choice.  Lumin or Auralic will have superior control apps compared to the dCS.  For future flexibility though, I'd suggest going with a streamer/server that has a CD ripper, hard drive etc.  Antipodes would be the first place I'd look. 
Thank you tdimler and ricred1.
I am not familiar with audiogon. Could you tell me in the audiogon site, how to send a message to guidocorona, who knows JR well. I have tried everything. Thank's
Isn't the JR Aeries (very well reputed) but a bit old now? Given the speed of innovation in the digital world these days, perhaps it might be wiser to wait for Esoteric N-01 reviews to come out before deciding.
I am in the same boat as OP, and am waiting for N-01 reviews.
@laurier I have your components--JR M925s, Corus+PSU and I have the Aeris. I will second Richard's comment above, Because you already have the PSU, getting the Aeris will not be a mistake. The synergy is significant. I have read the article you mentioned. IMO it is spot on based on what I hear in my system. @essrand is correct about higher resolution, however. If you fall into the camp of wanting higher resolution than 192, the Aeris will not scratch that itch. But, if 24/192 resolution is sufficient, you should be extremely happy with the Corus+PSU+Aeris combination.