Job amps: Suck?

Guys I’ve noticed that besides the breathless reviews from 6moons, everyone reviewing these amps are using them with very low-end / entry-level systems. Do these amps actually stand up to high end gear?
Everything that I have ever read about them (I have never heard one) has led me to believe that they are fast but lacking in body and color.
madavid 0:
You have started 16 post on Audiogon so far, and 13 of them have similar derogatory titles. Is this your way of asking a question or making a personal negative statement? If asking an honest question, you will get far more responses by starting your discussions with a title like "What are your thoughts on Job amps?" 

Which report(s) did you read led you to believe they lack in body and color? 
I can't recall specifically, because it's been some time since they were "this years girl", but at that time, I read about them several times and that was my impression. Obviously, my third hand impression is worth nothing since I never even heard one.

Why do you ask? Agree with bigshutterbug. Try "nice", it really works.
No, this amp is fantastic and a good dose of the very high end for not allot of dough. It responds drastically to different power cables, unlike any other amp I have tried. This is likely why there are mixed reviews. Find the right power cable, and it gets extremely good.
Not sure you could call Srajen's collection of gear entry level.  Nor any of the other reviewers.  Oh and I have actually owned one and it is a quality amp with a target market that if paired with the "right" speakers is hard to beat for many times it's price.  
 Why would a $1700 internet direct amp compare to a five figure one. Compare it’s big brothers to those. Like the others have implied you’re just stirring up crap as you obviously don’t have anything else to do. The Job amps are designed, built and sold to a price and purpose while their Goldmund siblings are not. 
I’m asking about this because I’m entering the market soon for an upgrade amp/integrated. I’m gearing up to drop on a ML, possibly Luxman, BAT, even a Vitus. Maybe AudioNet...maybe even a Gryphon. However I don’t WANT to spend that kind of cash — if a $1700 unit can at least compete with these others than I could live happily ever after with the basic casework.
I was in the market for a power amp back then and considered Bryston 3B^3 and Odyssey Stratos. Then I came across the Job 225 "hype" at, and I believe I combed the entire web for info and did not find a negative review. Here are several Job 225 reviews...

6moon :
HiFi Knights:
Hifi Pigs:

...and more in the hifi press and forums in Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and German to name a few.

I bought it without sight and was ready to relegate to my home office to get the Bryston if it does not live up to the hype. So far it has been great, especially with the Job Pre2 control amp. 

I see a similar trend now with the  Kinki Studio EX-M1 Integrated amp....a little known manufacturer with a great amp and word gets out through word-of-mouth. (though Job are made by Goldmund) 

If your speakers are a difficult load the Job amps may have a problem if not they will work fine.  The biggest differences between them and their Goldmund branded conterparts, other than casework, is in the power supplies and the ability to deal with speakers like Wilson, ML, Raidho, etc.  I have a friend that has had the Job Integrated since it first came out as his "back-up" and it has worked fine with Revel Studio II's, SF Strad's and big JBL's and though those speakers are up there in price they are not difficult loads.  If you're looking in the "big dollar" category also look at Audia Flight and Trilogy. 
...... after all his name is ‘MADavid’.... at least he tells you up front.... 
Job amps: Suck?
I believe we, many of us tried to say that a long time ago when they first appeared and a certain someone was pushing them so hard he was about to blow his pooffoo valve.

Cheers George
I don't think a lot of us have forgotten the stink a handful of you tried to stir up about the amp on the Aussie forum.  How many of you actually saw or listened to one. Or was it just self protection due to it's price compared to the domestic competition.
I’m asking about this because I’m entering the market soon for an upgrade amp/integrated.

Please help us to help you, can you please list your existing system: source, amplification and speakers?
@ madavidO's

You started a post earlier this year  "Integrateds: why do they all suck" 

"I’m trying to find a HIGH QUALITY integrated that has:
1. A no-corners-cut real class A - A/B power stage.
2. A real, high quality analog preamp line stage.
3. A good phono stage.

Aside from a few very high end products, the above described integrateds seem not to exist. Why can’t I find a quality integrated? Do we just have to accept having a pile of boxes? "

Then since you posted above " Compare the internals with, say, a BAT, ML, Luxman, etc. Just very unimpressive."  the better questions are why you are even worried about the Job; and why are you even looking at an integrated.

@madavidO Back in February under your " Integrateds: why do they all suck" posting you responded to a question about your system listing your speakers: as Fritz Carbon VII SE. Do you still have them, some of the integrateds you supposedly are entertaining - Vitus, Gryphton, AudioNet seem askew from a price standpoint. 
Don’t knock the guy 
help him instead 
the amp may not be the right match for his system 
@shakira - help him how?  There are plenty of reviews on the Job Integrated and a massive thread at  You can't help someone that doesn't want to help themselves.
I absolutely love my Job INTegrated and it’s not going anywhere. Hopefully they will introduce new Job monos. My brother bought mine and loves them.