More personal effort in audiogon or our jobs?

Just wondering how many of you put more effort in learning more about audio gear, music, and forums versus your occupations. How many of you think more indepth about this passionate hobby and its gains to be had vs. what is to be gained from your jobs? Yep, I'm hooked and am always on a quest to learn more unlike my burn out medical job. Guess its time for a career change.
wow...I sure hope your boss doesn't see this thread...but I have a feeling that there are many people here that like Audiogon alot more than their jobs...except me.

just my 2c

My job is currently going through some high stress changes. While I enjoy it, the expectations continue to rise and personal time has become less and less. Sometimes, I break away from work for a minute and jump on Agon and get a release. Besides my family, nothing seems to take me away from day to day stress like listening to my system or buying new music, or exploring upgrades/improvements to my system. The job is currently #1, but music/rig is a necessary #2 for me.
Work by definition is the means to pursue things in life that bring you pleasure and fulfillment. Unless, of course, you're independently wealthy... Poor is the man whose work defines him.
Dean, Interesting, because I've been looking for some good used digital boobs. If I have a problem with them I'll give you a shout!
...this is April 1 so y'all must be kidding right...
Me I can hardly wait to get to work, so I can log-on the highspeed LAN & check the latest ads :-)
Dan, be careful when shopping for used Digi-Mams.

The people that deal in these are worse than the sellers on Audiogon. Make sure to check feedback, and don't buy from anyone beyond the lower 48. No telling where the source image was generated from a non-continental Pixel Milk Bag.

Never let anyone send you their used Binary Flapjacks via e-mailed JPEGs. You need a decent file size and using JPEG compression in order to send them in this manner is very destructive.

Insist on a PSD working file or original size TIFF either via zip or stuffit Golden Bozo uploaded to an FTP site. Hard copy CD or DVD is also ideal.

How 'bout a 1 bit tiff to an FTP site- that way no-one can mess with the boobs? The one bit tiff could then be dropped into an imposition program, properly positioned, and I could print millions of unretouched digital boob photos. Eh?

Wow, a living in boobs. There really is a heaven.
Yeah, I'm a digital plastic surgeon. It makes sense, me living in LA, heheh.
I actually love work. There I feel challanged, but at the same time I also feel experienced. I know something about what I do, and what I dont know I enjoy figuring out. Here, I dont know. I have little experience, and I am more or less out of my element beyond my interest. I would have to say that I have a passion for both, but that I find work reassuring in the sense that I have skills and a language I know well. I will say that I find it amazing how much of what I read here has enriched the way I think about what I do there. There is no direct route to this. I have an odd mind, and this in part is how its worked out.
Joey, almost. Heheh.

According to an article in New Yorker Magazine, people like me are exponents of the digital dark arts.

If I were a Beverly Hills OBGYN, I'd have to tell people like Rosie O'Donnell to spread 'em. No thanks, pal.
Gunbei - glad you took the joke ok. was worried about you being offended by it. That was from 'Animal House' - Tim Matheson's character - Stratton - end of the movie......