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Hi everyone.  I wanted to share a great experience with John Rutan of Audio Connection. 

While searching to purchase an Audio Research preamp, I found what I was looking for, a black LS28.  I wasn't familiar with the seller's ID as I'm not a steady buyer of audio equipment.  I contacted the seller and immediately felt very comfortable talking with John Rutan.  We agreed on a price and it was air freighted from New Jersey to Hawaii, and arrived in a few days.  The preamp was in superb, one owner, like new condition with very low (450) hours.  Break-in already done for me!  John is a true gentleman, honest, courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. 

A big thanks to John!
Another happy customer!
Johnny's a guy you can trust.- Not only for great advice, but genuine salesmanship.
I bought a VPI Prime from Johnny in 2016.  Johnny is one of the best and most honest in the business.
The dude is awesome:-))) about time to send him a Christmas card and some music !!!!!
I've read nothing but raves about John Rutan and Audio Connection and nice to see another one. Enjoy your preamp and living in Hawaii!
He is super nice, honest and helpful. Years ago though, before he expanded to an additional building across the street, he had an employee whose name I never knew who was rude to me on several occasions and used to give me the stink eye. He was short and bald with a mustache and wire rimmed glasses. I wanted to mention it to John, but I felt uncomfortable in doing it. I hope that he doesn't still work there.
Another happy customer of John. I drove from MA to NJ 3 years ago for a used pair of Magnepan 3.7i speakers. John treated me very fairly and put on a great speaker demo while I was there, very relaxed no pressure time. Hopefully I'll get back there some time. He's always very helpful if you call be to talk.
I haven’t dealt with John in ages.  Back in the late 1980’s when I lived in New Jersey, John got me started in serious high-end audio introducing me to Vandersteens driven with tube amps.  He also showed me that cable do matter!

Glad to hear John’s still out there delighting customers!
I've always enjoyed when he's chimed in here. Some have taken that as a "sales mission". Not me.

The guy you are referring to was Hart, the previous owner. JohnnyR bought the place from him a long time ago.
@joey54 , @dougthebiker,
It just goes to show you that when you treat people poorly, they remember. That Johnny resurrected the business shows what a class act he is.
Are you saying that he wasn't there at the same time as John Rutan? The guy I'm talking about was there for at least several years or more and it was my impression that John was his boss.
@roxy54 , 
The guy who gave you 'stink eye' was identified as Hart, the previous owner. I think Joey54 confused dougthebiker with your post, unless I am mistaken
Yes, I understand that, but did he also work there for a good while with John?
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