Just moved and have a smaller audio room 10.5 x 15

I just moved into a new home and my audio room is 10.5 feet wide by 15 feet long with a 7 foot opening behind the seating area thats at the other end of the 15 foot length.

I currently have Spendor SP1/2e with a PASS X250 amp and like it. But having sold my B&W 801's I have some extra money to try something different.

I'm looking at
Quad ESL -63
Magnepan mg1.6 (I owned and liked the 3.6)
Gallo Ref 3.1
Montana SP2 signature
Von Schwe VR4-jr
Usher BE-718
Vandersteen 2ce signatures (Owned the older 2ci and liked them)
Audio physics Virgo III (Owned them before and thought they had the best and smoothest top end of all my past speakers)

Listening is 90% clasic rock and blues (4 piece bands) no head bangin

Thanks for any thoughts or sugestions
I just made the same move...16x8.5x7(LxWxH)...Anyway I found that my Spendor S8e were way too big...I started to use my Spendor S3e to great effect...sold it all and am currently trying Merlin TSM-MMe and Usher BE-718's...

One Caviat is that my room has tile floors and wood panels! In other words it is pretty lively. But with that said I think the Ushers are a little much for the space...if the room is damped heavily it might be great! I decided the Merlins are much better in this size room. The Ushers are totally different and I like them very much...but they do better in my larger room.

Others I hope to try down the road: Verity, Green Mountain, and anything else with a woofer!
If the room is dedicated try a good monitor and powered sub and listen in the near field with the system set up on the long wall.
I would try a pair of Green Mountain Audio Eos (or Eos HD) + a pair of small REL subs.
wow....what a great situation, have some extra money to spend on speakers, i would always like that , alot....given you have owned some of the speakers mentioned....i never buy a speaker i have owned before, why? because there are too many great speakers out there to be heard....i would try the new v series focal..not very expensive, but impressive...i have owned totems, vandy's , linn, magnapan and others and believe the focal are the best out there for the money on the used market...if not the focal 826v....then of the ones you named....maggies are great for classical,jazz, but not so good on rock...taste ofcourse....vandy"s well, again great speaker but...also a bit more pricey but a great overall speaker is the era floorstanders by peachtreeaudio.com....they are killer for the money....and aerial 6 speakers are also great...good hunting and listening...what FUN FUN FUN.... wish i could get me more...i am selling mine now and buying era wall units for a smaller space...dwhitt a goner for along time and messing with this stuff since the 50s
For that size of room I would suggest a Dynaudio bookshelf on some Stand4 stands (filled with sand). I am using a pair of Audience 52SE in a 12 x 18 x 8 room and the sonics are truly amazing for the size of speaker. I am also using a Dyn Sub20A (not overpowering at all).
Also take a look at the Eminent technology LFT-8b and the LFT-16 with a Rel sub. I have the LFT-8b, I like this speaker much better than the Maggies 1.6`s I had, will sound great in that room. I have mine in a 20 L x 12.5 w x 8 H room.
From the list you provide, I'd be interested in the Gallo's most off the cuff.

Monitors (with sub added later if needed) is another good way to go. I like Dynaudio or Triangle monitors and REL subs best.

Smaller omnis can also work well and are often less sensitive to placement within a room. For these, consider an in-home trial of a pair of OHM Micro Walsh Talls or 100 Series 3 (www.ohmspeakers.com).

I have a pair of OHM 100 series 3 in one 12X12 listening room and I am listening to a pair of more conventional yet lovely Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkIIs in another 12X12 room as I write.
My room is the same as Finlbxn describes down to the open space behind the listening position. A pair of Merlin TSMs with a REL sub setup on the short wall (out of necessity) are working very well in this space. The Merlins by themselves sound great; the REL just makes everything that much better.
Gallo's...they have big sweet spot and you can sit closer to them than with most of the speakers out there...
Should be a no brainer. Go with the Quads. You can always sell them for what you paid for them if you don't like them. Of course with the Quads you will probably end up looking at nice tube amplifiers to drive them. You know one thing leads to another...
the VR-4s are too big for your room. If you were happy with your SP1/2s might you consider a different Spendor like the S8e? Darned good speaker.
I would just add some info about your room. One listener above suggested the long wall should be behind your speakers. Try it, but also try pulling your speaks out three or four times there depth from the short wall behind your speaks and two to three times times their width from the side walls. You will have the opening of your room behind your seated position in that case which is a good thing, IMO. Where to put your seat? If you are thinking that your speakers wouldn't be spread apart far enough in that case, remember that's its all relative. Try sitting at the apex of an EQUIDISTANT triangle first with some toe-in. Move your seat back, or not, season to taste.

If you wind up with some planar speakers, the suggestion about the long wall is particularly worth trying at 24 to 28" out. If you wind up with some dynamic speaks with a tight grouping of the drivers like the Usher Tiny Dancers, they will disappear with an equidistant triangle, no worries. And your stage will open up in ways you may not have experienced. Happy trails.
by Dazone