Keeping Spend Among System Proportional?

Can I assume that most folks keep the spend amongst components and accessories proportional or, in line between the entire system?

For example, here's how I spread my budget:

Amp $2k
(integrated w/Phono)
TT $3k
(arm direct wired)
Cartridge $600
Speakers $1000
Speaker Cables TBD

Has anyone ever thought they had a component that punches out of their weight class and felt justified in spending out of proportion?

For example has anyone spent more on their cart than their TT? Spent more on their speaker cables than their speakers? More on their arm than their TT? etc.

Curious to hear about some of those examples.

I may have the budget to reasonably spend around $800 on speaker cables but, feel compelled to keep in the $300 range.

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Thanx for taking time to respond. But, practically speaking, does it really make sense to buy a $2,000 power cord for my system???

Probably not but, it might be worth it in a $100,000 system. 

I think????
I think you know the answer to that, don't you @pawlowski6132 ? 
What's your overall budget? What kind of sound are you chasing? Do you have a preference regarding speaker types, e.g., planar, dynamic, horn, etc? The amp and speaker relationship is an important one and if you are doing LP playback, I think you'll get a fair amount of feedback about buying a decent table and arm, along with a  decent phono stage, and working your way up through cartridges gradually. Though I use fancy wire in my main system, I did very basic wire in my second system (which has an entirely different character) at minimal cost. 
Used can be good if bought from a reliable vendor and can save you money. 
I'm not sure I can provide much more without a better sense of what you've listened to, what you like and what your objectives are. I'd rather hear a well set up modest system than a bunch of expensive components thrown together.
You can take it on a theoretical level- source first, weakest link- or make it more concrete. I think the latter is where you are going to get more help, but one can have conflicting views on almost anything, so I offer this as a modest proposal to provide more information about your listening preferences. (I know, systems should be agnostic and accurate and all that, but if you are listening to death metal, I doubt anybody would recommend Quad ESLs). Note: I listen to death metal on old Quads. But not exclusively. 

One area you should invest long before cabling is room acoustics. Ask GIK Acoustics for advice. Their products work and are high value.

Next, well, I make my own speakers so for the spend I got far better than average value, plus an irreplaceable pride of ownership.

What I do encourage you to do is use your own ears. If you can be free of the idea that more $$$ is better sound, you can really save a boatload of cash with some effort and time.


I researched this concept a few years back to make sure that I wasn't "getting out over my skis" with potential component purchases. I determined that "conventional wisdom" is actually grouped into the following categories:
1. Speakers should eat up most of your budget
2. Power should eat up most of your budget
3. Sources and related items directly attached to them should eat up most of your budget
4. DIY all your stuff, have fun, save money, etc.
Not helpful?
I agree.
But it taught me that there is no right way to practice this hobby or spend your budget. Whatever you currently own stick with it for now and build around it but armed with knowledge. Agon's forum history is rich with information. Read it. Find a current member whose posts resonant with you and owns or has owned equipment you are interested in. Then PM them for advice. It is almost a certainty you will have found a kindred spirit who is willing to offer insight to you as you build your system.
Hopefully this is somewhat helpful.

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. Speakers -- $3K

. Electronics (Preamp and Power Amp or Integrated, and Phono Preamp) -- $3K to $6K+ (Depending On Speaker System)

. Digital (CD Player or Transport, Music Streamer, DAC) -- $1.5K to $3.5K

. Turntable -- $3K (-/+)

. Phono Cartridge -- $400.00 to $1.5K

. Interconnects and Cables -- TBD