Kimber, Signal or Blue Jeans?

So if it was between Kimber 4VS cables, Signal Cable Ultra cables, or some Blue Jeans, any reason I should go with one or the other for my Walsh Microtalls? They'll be driven with a Peachtree Nova amp/dac. I found an 8ft. pair of the Signals used for $55, so that's tempting but the Kimber's seem to be the favorite here...
I got my cables from Blue Jeans and happy with them so far...I am sure that there are way better cables but for less than $150 on two 12 ft runs of the Canare 4S11 bi wire, just hard to pass up..
I had very good but not spectacular results with the basic Signal Cable. I like them for the price but they have a utilitarian feel about them. That said they do a really good job at a very reasonable price. They are rather neutral and don't seem to have much of a color of their own. If that is what you want then they would be a very good choice.
It's not going to be possible to get a definitive answer so maybe the best approach would be to buy the Signal cables if they're at a great price and try them. Then, keep your eye out for a deal on something else you think might work, buy it and compare the two.

If you're smart about buying and you stick with well-thought-of brands you can always flip them and often not be out much more than the cost of shipping. A lot of great systems here are built that way, bargain hunting to get incremental improvements, real or perceived.

How can you even pass up on such a good deal on the Signal Cable Ultra cables? Go for it!!
I have been using the Signal Cable Ultra cables with my Triton Three's.....sound great!
Here's my set-up:

Primaluna Dialouge 2
Triton Threes
W4S Dac-1
Sonos modded unit by W4S
Signal cable magic power cords and interconnects

I think they a real bargin, other good options are Cullen Cable, Pangea power cords....personall I'd stay away from Audioquest...way over priced for what you get!
I use Blue Jeans speaker cable and balanced interconnects. Wondering if I was missing out on anything, I did at one point audition Kimber 8tc speaker cable (which is about triple the cost of the 4vs) as well as Kimber Hero XLR interconnects and couldn't hear any difference in my system whatsoever. I have no doubt the Kimber products I tried would make a difference in other systems, but in my system they did not.

But I agree with Milpai, for only $55 why not give the Signal products a try.

Also, if you are not aware of it, The Cable Company is a good resource for auditioning a wide variety of cables. You can "borrow" cables from them to try out at home for 5% of the selling price (which is then applied to the price of the product if you decide to buy).
I agree the Signal Cable sounds like a great deal.

If you want to spend a little time discovering whether speaker cables in that price range can make a difference in your system you could also get 16 feet of Canare 4S11 from and just connect it bare wire for testing. It's really good cable, used by a number of cable vendors, and only $1.29 a foot, meaning 16' of it would set you back $21 plus shipping.
All of them are good cables.
I may be wrong but Signal is using canare and belden, like blue jeans. The difference is in the terminations.
I shopped with blue jeans - I have canare 4s11 for speaker cables @ about $30 for a 10ft pair, and I do not know why I should pay more. For Interconnects, I have a short bl-1 and 4ft long canare lv-61. I prefer canare lv-61 over bl-1 personally.
You can't go wrong with canare, especially with their rca plugs.
In my opinion, they are the best cables period. Those who disagree with my opinion will at least agree that they are the best for the money, I am sure.
I ABed SIgnal Double Run and Blue Jeans in my system at one point, and I (and my GF), thought the Signal noticably, but massively preferable). Both good value, easy to deal with companies.