Klipsch Heresy vs Forte

For those who may be debating between the two, I just posted this last night. I actually like the voices in the Heresy. Deeper presentation but they each have their attributes. Happy listening 



I like Heresy. It sounds closer to the original music and more real. Thank you for posting nice comparison video! Alex/Wavetouch

Forte, much more open, bigger soundstage.  For this particular song I can see why you might prefer the Heresy, it does a better job recreating the vintage characteristics of the original mono recording.  

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Love my Heresy IIIs and did not like the plastic diaphragm in redesigned mid horn of the IVs, preferring the sound of the titanium IIIs. Have wondered if the Forte IV suffered the same as the Heresy. The Heresy requires a good front end for sure, and with that they're great (I use a couple of REL subs with mine).

The entire IV series has the upgraded mid-range horns.  If that's not your cup of tea skip the Forte IV.  I think many would agree it was a welcome change, but you can't please all the people all the time. 

I wonder why they got rid of the Quartet, there's plenty of room price wise between the Heresy at 3,200 and Forte at 5k, its actually a bigger price gap then the Forte to the Cornwall (6,600), especially when expressed as a % increase.  Worried it would cannibalize Heresy & Forte sales? 

Getting back to the original video, I think the main takeaway for me is that the older models represent some incredible used bargains, especially if they can be found in pristine condition like the ones in the video.

I have both too, and will hang on to them until I run out of space and forced to decide what stays.  Thank you for the comparison video, and, please, give the dog some treats for his performance!  Tom

I've had both of these in the latest series and the Cornwall. The Cornwall is the winner for it power and finesse, but the Forte (currently using) is a close second and Heresy is great too but just smaller in sound and impact.

I've owned some pretty well regarded speakers in excess of $20k and I really like this series. They are fairly ugly but they sound engaging, detailed and are fun to listen to.

Some of the speakers I've owned have more transparency or disappear into the room more, or allow you to hear deeper into the music, but that's expected at different price points.   

I never thought I'd be a Klipsch owner, and in the afterlife I might have to spend time in audiophile purgatory, but I'm having lots of fun with them. They do enough things right for my tastes. 

Thanks for posting, nice video.

Enjoyed the video and your dog:-) My brother has an older pair of Heresys and a pair of Chorus which are in between the Forte and Cornwall.So I get to hear them a few times a year. I like them quite a bit.

With specific music such as piano or female vocals the older Heresy's are right up there with the best 

Here’s a new demo of all the Heritage compared. Obviously the Khorns aren’t placed ideally. It’s amazing how small the Heresy IV sound by comparison. Room is huge though.


I bought a pair of Forte IVs last spring and recently picked up a Manley Stingray II integrated amp. It’s a fantastic combo.

Like @bjesien I never thought I’d own a pair of Klipsch, but these are keepers. 


Wow great video. I think this fleshed out the differences much better than the one Steve Huff did. The La Scala and Forte were the most impressive. I think the Khorns could have been placed a little better. Really loved the sound of the La Scalas, I do think I’ll get a pair someday. I’m more than happy with my Fortes for now, especially after that video, they held their own over the pricier models and had the best balance top to bottom.  The Cornwalls were a bit bass heavy which muddied the mids somewhat. Probably the best with certain types of music and movies. And the Heresy is so much like a baby Cornwall. Fun!!!

Playing with different tubes and enjoying the Forte IV’s. Might explore the tweaks, why not. These are fun. What have you done?

@bjesien I switched amps from NAD separates to a Manley Stingray II. 18 watts per channel of triode power works great with my Forte IVs in my apartment.