Kudos Titan 505 Standmount speakers // One Of The Very Best Standmount Speakers ?

Has anyone heard these speakers ?


 Not connected with this company in any way
One Of The Very Best Standmount Speakers ?
No. Just one of the most expensive. Horribly expensive if you think about it.
Are we to simply blindly rely on a VERY subjective mag 4 star quantitative rating as the yardstick, or do we drill down a notch to their actual qualitative verdict as follows: 
“...The Kudos Titan 505s are seriously impressive performers, but their uncompromising upfront attitude won’t appeal to all...” 
 The last seven words in the verdict quote above summarizes just about every speaker on the planet . 
I’ve demoed numerous KUDO speaker models at a dealer and liked them all. When paired with High-end LFD or NAIM upstream electronics, they excel ... full stop.  Even the WHAT HI-Fi Review specifically emphasized that all speakers at this level positively demand high-quality sources and amplification.
The NAIM suggested upstream components synergy with the TITANs is mirrored in a “5 stars” Review 


There is only one in the Chicago area. Shame as lots of folks in the UK love these speakers...
I wouldn't label any speaker one of the best without seeing some measurements on them. I can't find anything on their website. They look nice, I like the idea of bypassing the passive crossover they get good subjective reviews. 
These guys did a multi test with them against Focal and Paradigm.


Through my high end PC speaker setup all 3 sounded distinctly different, and the Kudos 505 sounded really good, my fav of the three. They do seem to have an upfront sound, as the What Hi-Fi review says accurately, but I would not dismiss them because of this.

Great music selection by this youtube channel as well.