Over or under? - Standmount isolation

On a bare suspended hardwood floor, is it better to place isolation under the stand or between the speaker and stand?

It would seem that under the stand would allow more wobbling.

It also seems like under the stand is more common for isolation.

I know the best way is to try both. Which I will probably end up doing unless there are good reasons for one vs the other.

Also, it looks like under the stand isolation options tend to be more expensive.

Speakers are small. LS50s and Rogers LS3/5As

Stands are 28" tall.


I think it would depend a lot on the design and quality of the stand you are using.

If the centre of gravity is near the bottom of the stands then it shouldn't "wobble". Then adding isolation to the stand would be the best option.


I have my Harbeth 30.2's (Larger, but similar to your Rodgers) on 28 inch stands on hardwood floors. I have springs between the speakers and the stands. I have a sub on the same floor and put springs under it also. It made a nice difference, a bit clearer/open sound. Yes, you should try it both ways to be sure, but I have no doubt you'll like the springs (which are inexpensive, or you can try a fancy "brand type" if you want) between the speakers and stand.

Hope my similar experience helps.

I just proposed a similar question to a group of audiophiles who possess 

a lot of experience and knowledge. The position I bought into is

that the damped puck style ala Gaia, Isotek etc are the only way to

address all frequencies.


Neither! I have Rogers LS3/5A’s on 28-inch metal stands (14lbs each). I use no damping. The concrete floor is carpeted. I notice no adverse sonic effects.

Between the speaker and stand.  The reason is to minimize back and forth rocking.  The lower the flex point, the more rocking.  Basic angle/phisics. 

@erik_squires Exactly. Which is why I was curious about seeing them placed below the stands.

But if placed below the stands, should the speakers be spiked to the stand?

Or additionally isolated?

Just rest it directly on the stand?

Springs under speaker on stands. Floor-mounted speakers can accommodate the lower isolation device. Expect better 3D music.