Lessloss PC for digital source or power amp?

I just ordered a Lessloss power cord. I am wondering where I will hear the biggest improvement with this PC.

Currently, I have Shunyata Copperhead for the power amp and Diamondback for the digital source. I also have a Shunyata Guardian powerline filter.

I'd go to your source first(cdp) that's what I did.
I think most folks will agree.After a week try your power amp.
You'll probably purchase another for your power amp and your pre,Have fun

When I got my first LessLoss AC cord, I got the biggest impact using it on my Equi=Tech 1.5 power supply.

Since, I replaced all my cables ( 8 in total) with LessLoss cables
I am using on preamp, which all sources run through. This PC is the real deal, even with minimal burn-in.

I got my Lessloss PC! It is indeed a great PC. I first used it on my HT power amp (200WX7) for a couple of hours for the initial burn-in. Then I moved it to my 2-ch equipment.

It is everything as advertised: blacker background, more focused sound, natural dynamics, etc. It actually does sound louder!

I then tried it on my power amp and both of my digital sources. My power amp is Counterpoint NP100 with Basic Gold package and Bybee filters. One of my digital source is a stock Transporter from SlimDevices. The other digital source is a tricked out ModWright Denon 3910 player with Bybee filters.

I found Lessloss PC improved the stock Transporter the most. It has the least improvement for ModWright Denon 3910 player though. The power amp is in between the two sources.

BTW, I think I smelled something during the initial burn-in of the PC. Has anyone else smelled it too? Or it is just my imagination?
I put my Lessloss on my Oritek preamp/dac. It replaced a Valab pc and Oneac power conditioner. Wow! Two days left for the discount. I will be buying 2 more for my Nuforce amps. When I get those, I'll at least try it on my Denon 3910 that I use for a transport. Has anyone tried one on something like a Lingo power supply?
I had purchased 20a LESSLOSS PC,to connect to my 240v TORUS,
I had to remove the 15a(male)end and install a HUBBEL 250v male end,so I could use the LESSLOSS instead of the stock cord.OYAIDE does not make a 240 or 250v(U.S.TYPE PLUG,only EUROPEAN TYPE.Of course my Bryston 7B-ssts are being modified by Bryston, so I'm waiting on those so I can compare PCS.
I have a Lessloss on my transport, and it was in another category from Volex 17604 and Valab(ebay)pc. If I had one Lessloss, it would go on my preamp/dac. When I added two to my Nuforce 8.5 amps, a synergistic effect took place. There was no hint that a cd was an electronic reproduction(no noise) of music. The Lessloss did not work well with my Lingo power supply. After about two weeks on my Nuforce's, something clicked. Even though the Lessloss sounds good right away, I would say 2 weeks is the burn in period. The synergy I got from using all Lessloss made me forget tweaking speaker placement and room acoustics for now.
I believe that the Lessloss pc on my APL Denon 3910 provides about 60% of the improvement I got when I used it on my Oritek preamp/dac. It replaced a Volex 17604 on the APL(which I use as a transport). The only areas that I would question the use of the Lessloss pc is on equipment that has some power filtering or conditioning.
I'm very happy with LessLoss PCs on my digital source gear.

I prefer PS Audio Statement SC PCs for my monoblock amps.
Mmakshak, why do you think the LessLoss pc is not good for PLC equipment? Which PLC have you tried?

I have two LessLoss power cords: one for the digital source and one for the PLC. My PLC is Shunyata Guardian 6. I found that if I add any more LessLoss, my system would sound a bit etchy.