Lexicon mc-1 or Proceed avp??

I am interested in home theatre and audio rougly 75% home theatre and 25% 2 channel However when i do listen to some dvd's very often i am watching Musical cd's such as concerts recorded on dvd ie; fleetwood mac, metallica, hell freezes over etc..... Any opinions would be appreciated especially if anyone as "a,b'd" them
I think the Proceed sounds better on both movies and music. But Lexicon offers more upgrades and keep current with all of the tech. Proceed is slow to offer new formats, new processors, and hardware upgrades. I have a/b compared them. I bought the Proceed but latter sold it because they were so slow in the above respects.
You stated 75% movie, then what are you waiting for? The Lex MC1 is the best hometheater/multi channel music processor. Every single professional review says so. I own one and absolutely love it. Listen to its Logic7 will blow you away. you also mentioned listening to music concert DVD, the MC1's music Logic is outstanding.
I have the Lex DC1 and I was not impressed with the proceed. But who am I to say. I would go with Toan suggestion, he is right. I have no intention of selling my dc1, I've heard the mc1 blows it away. Good luck
You should at least consider (listen to) Theta Casanova. Very flexible in terms of buying the options you want and it is upgradeable. For example, I didn't order the video switching capability because the RPTV has plenty of inputs and why mess with the signal any more than you have to? This saved $$$.
I traded my DC-1 for it instead of doing the upgrade to DD. Don't get me wrong, the Lexicon are fine products.
I have mc1 and is outstanding for movies. 2 channel is very good. upgrade from meridian 263 dac. I use a denon dcm 3000 cd player with volume control. It is hooked directly to amp. It sounds great and plenty of gain. I get more bass if i use a preamp but less transparent. I am looking to upgrade to better dac w/volume control if there is one. I would not part with mc1. excellent for movies!
I have the AVP and have to say the MC-1 is better for HT but the AVP (which is no slouch in HT) is outstanding for 2-chn. The AVP offer 7.1 with option to dual subs..very clean sound. I started with being a 60%HT-40%music I now find myself in the reverse, so the AVP was the right choice !!
The Proceed line would be the clear winner against the DC-1. (I am a former DC-1 owner) But with the MC-1, Lexicon takes it. (I now own a MC-1). Lexicon still won't appeal to the 2-channel analog crowd, but those guys don't watch DVDs anyway. If you primarily want a home theater, the MC-1 is great.
I'd go a step further and say that the MC-1 is great for both HT and 2-channel music if you value ease-of-use and convenience as well as excellent sound. Undoubtedly you can do better setting up a dedicated two-channel system, but the MC-1 is an excellent centerpiece to a system.
I agree the proceed is better for 2 ch, but the mc-1 is the ht winner. I have the dc-1, but looking to buy a bat vk30 for the 2 ch mode. best of both worlds.

I have owned proceed, lex DC-1 and MC-1. The MC-1 is the way to fly. Proceed is well built, but lackluster in 7 channel processing.