Linear Power supply for a Weiss dac 204?

Looking for a power supply for a Weiss dac 204. I was looking at he Plixir or Teddy Pardo. which do guys think in this price range? Is it worth it too? Seems like everything I read is positive when adding a LPS.


A LPS is a huge step-up from the standard issue supplied cheap POS build wall-wart PS, and a significant step-up to an upgraded external switch model PS.

By adding  an external quality build LPS to yiur gear , including inter alia to your dac, AND your network switch; is a big step-up in audio performance.

BUT ,,,.don’t ignore an upgrade to your CAT7 Ethernet cables to quality build ones if you want to maximize the full audio performance quotient .

there are many options to check out .

Here’s two that worked for me .




You know they make a matching LPS.  I have no idea if it is in the same price range as the ones you mention but it is quite good.  

@verdantaudio I know they make one, but it is over $2k & I was pushing it just ordering the Weiss dac. That's why I was trying to stay around the $500 price point. Thanks

@akg_ca  Thanks, I'm in the USA. The Mcru ones are in the UK and I don't even know which one to choose.


Simple …it’s not a complex or daunting choice procedure :Externsl .LPS in audio come in a wide myriad different voltage spec models because the audio gear OEMs all have different boards ,

(1);you need to identify the specs/voltage required (either see your device manual or match the specs printed on the cheap wall wart supplied )

(2) send these specs and maybe a picture to the LPS supplier and ask them for quote and to verify specs match you provide );

Why I chose MCRU or SGC….

Basic common sense approach: a farm superior parts and build at a favourable pricepoint,

” Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”- Warren Buffett

You can always blindly spend more maybe …ok ….. but do the smart thing first and check out what is actually under the hood before you buy.

Mine are custom made quality built LPS built for me at my needed specs m with a far superior parts versus the made in China junk units , the ones being flogged on YouTube reviews.with distinct comparatively crap cheap-as-you-can-find parts, along with a dodgy assembly build .

TAKEAWAY: for any quality build external LPS …..

there is no universal magic silver bullet LPS made solely as a random off the shelf LPS available for a specific brand or model audio component …. Instead they are all a tailored LPS to your requisite specs .EZPZ,

does your OEM dac company have one they push ? 

choose wisely

@akg_ca I'm getting my dac this week. It is the Weiss dac 204. I believe i'm suppose to get a 9v 2a LPS. It comes with a SMPS.

I have two Plixir Elite LPS. One for my system switch, and a dual for another switch  and router. Excellent.

A Teddy Pardo MiniTeddy LPS for streamer. Excellent.

A Coherent Systems (UK) for an Intel Nuc. Excellent.

A FiiO PL50 for modem. Very good.

A couple of Teradak DC30. Good.

An Aliexpress dual LPS. Okay.

@jerrybj The Teddy Pardo miniteddy seems to look like a decent one for the money. The matching Weiss LPS they make is $2500, which is a little ridiculous.

I purchased a Keces P3 and it makes a nice improvement on the 205 in my system.  It is a dual output LPS and I use the other output on my NUC running Roon ROCK and that difference was maybe more noticeable to me than the change with the DAC.

Finally got the Weiss dac 204 for my accuphase E5000 and it sounds awesome. Now just waiting on the Modwright LPS, should be here in a couple of weeks.

I have had TeddyPardo, Hdplex, Uptone JS2 and a bunch of no-name aliexpress linear power supplies, for use on my streamers and network gear. The best of them all was the Farad Super 3. Its only 559 euro, so would be price appropriate and a good match for something like the Weiss DAC 204.

But all these are USD RRP under 1k. I do wonder how good those high end LPS can get... its just another hifi rabbit hole I am avoiding going down.