Linn LP12 & Miyajima Madake or ?

A little bit sad today, as I waited for about 3 months to get my Shindo Vosne-Romanee up where I am building my system in NorCal. Put the system together for a week and it was magical. A day before all my friends came up, I was enjoying some Aretha and noticed some dust forming so I stopped the record to clean it, somehow, someway - I taccidentally hit the cantilever of my Krystal MC on the LP12. Uoofff. It bent back all the way. I tried my best to straighten it out, got another few hours out of it. Right as my friends came over, put on Purple Rain, so much distortion - tried to adjust it and ultimately snapped off. Brutal. I guess luckily had a Naim Wireless Speaker I could set up outside, of course not the same lol.


ANYWAYS! With a lot of money down the drain and the need to replace the cartridge ! I am curious!

I spoke to Jeremy at BasilAudio who could trade in the broken Krystal and just get a replacement which is probably the most cost effective method. But I began to think of other possibilities! Firstly, I know some peoples thoughts on the LP12. The reality is that, while yes expensive, I think as you move up the ladder, the LP12 is pretty magical and I know not all feel this way!

So I could move up the Linn ladder. The system has an Ekos arm and Lingo Power supply, so it makes sense to me that it could easily move up. 

Buttttt... I recently learned of the Madake from Miyajima and curious if it could work. I have heard both yes and no from a few forums. Anyone have any idea of this? I haven't yet reached out to the them to ask. 

Alternatively, I do need to buy 1 or 2 turntables for Thatcher's Wine flagship shop opening later this year anyways, so its a possibility that I could move the LP12 there, but if I was looking at the Madake, what would work better? And considering it would paired with an Shindo Vosne and A23 SUT Homage.(which I don't quite have yet, so I have the ability to make adjustments if needed bases on the Cart)

Appreciate your thoughts!







Just personally I have a contemporary LP12. I started mid level, then upgraded the substructure and arm to Ekos SE. it just gets better and better. Each upgrade definitely worth it in sound quality.


I am not familiar with the Madake.

There are not many Cartridges using Organic Substances for a Armature.

The is the Bamboo used in the Madake, which is the species of Bamboo used for the Armature.

There is also Cacti Needles used.

I have sent a White Paper about the Cell structure in Cacti Needles to a Cartridge Builder who uses their own 8 Years Stored Needles.

There is a density to the Cacti Needle and Cell structure that is creating a denser wood, than a common wood cell structure.

I have not seen a Bamboo Armature on anything other than a Wood Body.

Cacti Needles are found on Bodies of various materials.

I really Like the Miyajima Sonic, that is being produced in the system it belongs to.  I regularly get the opportunity to hear in use, one of the Brands Models produced  with a Wood Body,

One of my upcoming Cart' Rebuilds (my Post COVID Adventure) is to have a Cacti Needle Armature used, along with a few other not too usual ideas incorporated.  

I can't help but feel there are other individuals who may be more than capable to take in your damaged Cart' to evaluate it as a Candidate as a refurbishment.

I helped somebody not too many years past get their non-working Transfiguration Proteus receive a new lease of usage life.

The owners follow up report was that it was better when returned that any recollections of the usage prior to the damage ocurring. 

In the Linn protocol of upgrades, the table, arm and lastly the cartridge is the order. 

Therefore, if you want to go with their protocol ( which i do agree with), the place to start is with the table components...and in this case, the order is 1) bearing ( Karousel) 2) sub-chassis ( Majik to Kore to Keel) 3) power supply ( Lingo to Radikal...1or 2) then 4) tonearm ..Ekos to Ekos-Se and lastly, 5) cartridge.


As to your question about the Madake, the question is how it would perform on your current arm--and with your phono stage?

@daveyf thats correct. there is a bunch of info and some say yes and some so no. 
so curious how everyone thinks it might work 


the us agent said it would be better on a 301, which ironically is what Shindo used also but not quite sure about the 301 yet. 


Dear @soundandmadeira91  :  i think that maybe you have other excellent alternative coming from Linn whom could takes the Krystal in change for the Kandid top of the line MC cartridge.


The Kandid is designed and manufactured by Scan-Tech under Linn specs. Scan-Tech makes the Lyra cartridge line and if you look a Lyra cartridge and the Kandid it " looks " sore similar that different and this fact does not says the cartridge motor and other internal cartridge parts beeen the same becaus are different.

What could be better that the Kandid with your LINN analog rig?

Yes there are several options the Kandid could be in your list.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


@rauliruegas : +1! Best-bang-for-buck would be the Kandid cartridge! I am an LP12 owner and have always been skeptical of Linn's touting of these increasingly expensive upgrades. 

Re the Miyajima.  These tend to be very low compliance.  Thus they would perform best in tonearms with high effective mass.  I don't know if the Linn Ekos is in that class, probably not, but you can make up for mass by using a heavier then standard headshell.  One such is the Ortofon LH9000, which weights 18g.  I use it with my Koetsu, and I am quite pleased with the net result.  Otherwise, I think Raul has made an excellent suggestion.

The Link will show a little discussion about Linn Rebuilds.

Linn have a long history being associated with Lyra, in relation to Cart' Designs.

A search Google Search will show, the Krystal is already being touted as a Candidate for a Third Party Rebuild.

There are exceptional Third Party Rebuild Services in the US and in Mainland Europe. The Monies that can be saved through going down this route can be substantial.

Yours is a damaged model so usage life is prematurely over.

If the Cart' was to survive a 1000hrs usage and then be Third Party Service Overhauled. The Combined Cost for Purchase and Overhaul would be approx' $2000. This outlay is then offering the potential of 2000hrs and quite possible up to 3000hrs of replays @ $1 - $00.66 Cents a Album Replay.




Is trying to straighten a slightly bent cantilever possible ? I know the OP tried on a severely bent one. I also am inclined to try it since it was mentioned on this (educational, informative, respected,) site especially for me. Do one of you have a “do it this way” link etc ? or tell me don’t do it ?

The connection of the Armature/Bobbin is a very fine tuned and optimised arrangement.

The Armature being damaged through a applied force, however it occurred is most likely going to impact detrimentally on the under the hood assembly within the Cart'.

Going through the motions of attempts to straighten the Armature whilst it is still attached to the other critical components, soes seem to suggest that more unwanted stresses are to be subjected to parts that are already worse for wear.

One can do as they please it is not for me to interfere with their intentions, especially a Botch remediation.

Even better when all is done that the Cart' is identified for scrap value only.  

Thank you @pindac  I get it. I will move forward with a new cartridge. Still love my grandkids although . . . .

Dear @soundandmadeira91  : I owned the Linn Akiva that outperforms the Krystal both in my system.


The Kandid is too superior to the Krystal and I think that Linn could takes in change for the Kandid plus some money. One of the advantage of the Linn cartridges ( I owned too the Arkiv. ) is that continuity of the coil wire to the tonearm/headshell input connectors and obviously that the Kandid makes a very good match with the Ekos tonearms that as the Ortofon ones are made by Jelco.



@jolywins Which Model of Cartridge has incurred the damage to the Armature?

Seeking out a New Model as a replacement is one option, which could prove to be the most expensive choice made. Once your Cart' Model is known something else might be proposed for your consideration.

Always keep a spare cartridge around. Even a decent cheap one. And never put a fish in your car. Remember that. It will help you in life.