Linn Majik speaker connection

I recently purchased a used Majik and am not quite sure how to terminate the amp end of the speaker cable. The manual says to use a "4mm plug". The Majik model I have apparently uses the older style speaker jack as it has no post in the middle, just an open hole.

Will a regular banana or BFA connector work?
standard 4mm bananna plugs are what they intend for you to use. you can either buy the cable preterminated or solder the plugs on y'self.

good luck.
Regular bananas will work, however the 4mm will give you a much better connection.
Please excuse my ignorance Muzikat but 4mm as in a BFA connector or a 4mm connector made by Linn?
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A LINN dealer can supply you with the needed terminations. They're not much and do provide a better connection than banannas. A point to note, if you ever go to a dedicated LINN amp, you will need different terminations again.
BTW- a big improvement in detail and dynamics can be had by using LINN std interconnect instead of the supplied jumpers for connecting the pre-out and amp section. I was originally using Tara jumpers, and then went to LINN i/c. Very pleasing improvement.