Listening VS Reading

Breakdown your time spent on audio

( listening while reading = reading )

me - 70/30 reading
I'm not clear what you question is? I listen to music most the time, and I read a lot. Do you mean "reading about audio"?
I read 80% of the time because I am so behind on everything that I need to use that time for both. When I compare components then I never read but if everything sounds great then I enjoy to do both. Sometimes I hear something and it causes me to pause or put down the reading to think "wow" that was so real or different from what I remember. I read about audio a lot but some other hobbies to.
I do 98% of my listening while surfing the web (reading news, sports, Audiogon, EBay, etc...).
10% listening
20% reading
5% looking at cover art
6% drinking/eating
12% driving
19% thinking
2% trading
3% laughing
5% choosing the next CD
5% %#!$%ing
6% writing
2.76% calculating
4.24% trying to reconcile the last 4% of the time spent :)
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- yes I'm talkin' about time spent reading anything audio related vs time spent just listening to your gear. I'm sure most of us have the music flowing while we surf the audio sites but this thread counts that as reading.
The Thread defines "Listening" as - fairly to really loud volume, dark room, eyes shut and probably some kind of mild intoxicant.

- "5% %#!$%ing" that's 72 minutes a day, c'mon man you can do better than that.

- Please read the more clearly defined question and the Thread shall grant you a do-over. Since it's the long weekend you have until Tuesday!
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Just what is the aspiration of this facinating query of yours?Inquiring minds want to know.


Hmmmm.... it sounds like there sure were some problems. Are you sure it was sex, or was it that the music itself was bad instead?? ;-))

= = == = = = = = =

Music for me is more the dedicated event. Casual or background listening for myself can be any noise. TV... News.... some TV info shows like you'll see on PBS, DISC, TLC, Smithsonian, History, etc.

Normally I have one of those on in the background, unless it's time to dig some music.

the only music I'll play for background or atmosphere is tied to entertaining, dining, dating, or intimate convos. When or IF it becomes time to get busy... I'll kill the music. it plays only when or if, 'she' wants it on.

A very very, small percentage of the time, I'll have some classical playing in the background when doing anything requiring real focus.

I guess I can ignore TV better than I can ignore music.
i would separate my time listening into 3 different modes.

dedicated listening; only the music--40%

multi-tasking listening; web surfing/magazine reading--45%

reading a book while listening--15% i read 2-4 books a month, mostly when i travel.

i have no TV in my 2-channel room and pretty much only watch TV for sports; i have a separate HT in the house for movies.
I must say I read a lot while listening. I do know I am on the right track with my latest system changes as I find myself often realizing that I have not turned the page for some time as the music has caught my entire attention! Yes!

- "Just what is the aspiration of this fascinating query of yours?"

To see if the folks here prefer the hunt over the reward.

I'm a rookie in the audio world and can't believe how much time I've spent hunting for info. Started out thinking I'd do a little research, buy some gear, sit back and enjoy, bring in a comparison piece now and then down the road.

Well, the "little research" part has kind of become it's own hobby. [I don't do smiley faces but one could go there]

Tpreaves - now that I've answered yours.....

Tpreaves - now that I've answered yours.....

Just my curiosity Lexan09.I find the whole Q/A scenario on this site facinating(even when it gets off topic and/or turns ugly!!!).
I made my rack(see my system) with parts from 8020,Inc..You can configure your rack and order parts direct or they have an ebay store.Several high end rack manufacturers that sell here on A'gon use these parts.I bought my maple shelves from have about $300.00 invested,you could build a nice rack with your budget.Good luck.

Tpreaves - guess I should have completed the sentence above -
now that I've answered yours..... any chance you will answer the thread's question?
Lexan09...I don't listen(per you definition) to music when I read(audio related or not).My full attention is on what I'm reading at the time.
Tpreaves - "I don't listen(per you definition) to music when I read(audio related or not)."

Of course you don't, because my definition of listening is listening w/o reading.

Tpreaves - "My full attention is on what I'm reading at the time."

Based on your sideways answer I would respectfully suggest that the above quote is false. [smiley face]

It's really simple, we all spend X amount of time on audio. What % of that time would you say you spend "just listening" vs what % of that time would you say you spend "reading about audio"?