Long run speaker wires

Would like input on long runs of speaker wires for rear speakers.

Speakers are NHT L5 monitors.

Currently I use Audience Au24's for front monitors and Analysis Plus Oval 9's for two subs.

Need to wire inside walls/crawlspace for approx. 30'

Any ideas?

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AudioQuest 30' has worked very well for me with custom color and termination only $150 or so. No I don't work for or represent the company, just a good value IMO, a buddy swears by Signal Cable.
I have looked at the Canare wires on www.bluejeanscable.com

They seem to prefer the Belden 5000 series. Anyone have any experience with either?
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I ordered the AudioQuest GBC Deluxe SST 12 AWG Speaker cable sight unheard from the ad in Stereophile. I needed a 30' length in a hurry so had to take my chances, they are working so well I plan to keep what was a temp. room configuration permanent.
I bought some 40' Canare 4S11's from Bluejeans and I should be able to get them installed in the next week or two. I'll let you all know the outcome.
www.impactacoustics.com. I bought a bulk 250' roll of 14ga/4 for $99. This wire is rated for inwall applications. I have two 40' runs.
The Canare's sound fine to my ears on the rears. They are pretty thick so the installer was not too happy.
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canare 4s11 is good for the long runs where u dont want to spend too much. i used it for all 4 rear speakers in my 7.1 system
A related question to this thread... Does long speaker runs for rears stuff your timing if the cables to your fronts are much shorter? For movies it's probably not critical, but what about multichannel music (SACD/DVD-A)?
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