Looking for suggestions for a network capable DAC/Streamer

In my other systems, I am currently using a PS Audio DSD for playing music from a NAS using JRiver on various laptops and desktops to control. I also stream from IHeart/ Classic FM and several others either directly or through Magnum Dynalabs Internet tuners. My problem is my system at work.

I use a desktop that I currently transmit wirelessly from the CPU through either Creative Wireless,  Audioengine W3 or I had been trying to get a bluetooth to work with no success thus far.

My thought it is to something along the line of the PSA DSD and run my music across our network to my work stereo on the other side of the office. As it is a work unit, I am trying to keep the outlay under 1k for the solution. So another PSA DSD even in the used market is more than I am willing to go.....so what else is out there that I should be looking at? I prefer a hardwire solution as I am a distance from out WiFi router and have a switch in my office so running a cable through the ceiling would be a 10 minute operation.

Office system is currently a back-up amp (Perreaux 3150) currently replacing a bedini 100/100 waiting to be repaired (still looking for a Tech) currently a Quicksilver Pre (soon to be replaced with an ARC 17se) with Shahinian Arc's speakers.

I have been looking to see if I could pick up a PSA Perfectwave DAC with the Bridge II card, but all the ones I have seen have also been nearly double my budget. really like the SQ from the DSD but not enuf to make the jump considering its use.


Having continued to research I have come across a  Cambridge Audio CXN Network Streamer that looks like it checks all the boxes. Anyone have any experience with their products or this one in particular? Also was looking at a Logitech Transport (now discontinued) but a guy on eBay has a load of the new SE models he is apparently selling off at the 450 ballpark. The Cambridge is here at 600 but looking for offers.
Currently everything runs thru my CPU, and I would prefer to get it out of the loop hence the need for the network streamer which I assume would also be capable of streaming directly from the net. For background noise I stream from stations directly, thru Spotify and Iheart radio. JRiver is also capable of streaming now.

Was just looking at the Marantz ND8006 which while over my stated budget also has a CD player (a small plus as I do not have a lot of CD in the office) which I could take a first listen to CD's as I have them shipped,  to my work location. It is suppose to be a capable internet streamer, has a decent dac and has good pretty good reviews AND there are none I could find on the used market which is always a good sign. It checks a lot of boxes and seems to do it fairly well.

Just don't know if either will be fully compatible with JRiver, which is very important as I use a 1T ss drive to play from during the day.

Again, this is for a work system with little critical listening, that is reserved for my main system...
KEF LSX fits the price and is wired.  I'm using mine in a home office setting and they are excellent in the room.  I airplay, spotify direct and use Roon natively with them regularly now and it's been awesome.   I had the Audioengine 2+ in their place on the desk before and this is a massive upgrade.  

I have the speakers wired together though you can choose to use them wirelessly between if you prefer.  The only wired audio connection I use is an optical cable for the Sony TV I use in the room ... otherwise music is all network based.  
I highly recommend the Cocktailaudio X45 PRO.  One would have difficulty counting all the features and the sound is extremely good.  I use it directly into a Classe amp then Magnepan 3.7i speakers.  No need for a preamp.  Simple setup with wonderful sound.


Let me give you a left field idea

Raspberry Pi 4 with a Allo Digione Signature Player, using say Moode Audio Player ( software ) out to a Dac of your choice let say a Topping  D90, out to your amp





you would be amazed competitive with products up to $4-5,000 with the same features,  I know it is not main stream or name brand but the sound is amazing

If you are looking in the Cambridge can price range, look just above to Cambridge Azur 851N. $400 more, built like a tank with a better DAC.
Steve, I have the Narantz ND8006 you mentioned. Excellent streamer , I am using a dedicated basic Lenovo Windows 10 laptop as my server, USB connection to the Marantz. The Marantz has a very capable DAC with analogue inputs to my Yamaha AS2100 integrated amp . I use the CD player as well as internet radio from time to time. It is made in Japan and I recommend it highly. I had a question early on and was able to get a good answer via a phone call from Marantz USA.  It won’t play SACD’s for the record. But I have no doubt it will work with JRivers as JRivers is mentioned in my owner’s manual.  This Marantz ND8006 is a keeper . 
Taking a hard look at all the recommendations as I know I am asking a lot out of a single box. The Marantz not doing SACD is not a deal breaker as I have two other SACD units on home system. The ability to even play a cd out of the single box I considered a major plus. It is just for music while at work and as the entire system are units that have been replaced during years of upgrades I am not expecting to be blown away by the SQ. Decent, non fatiguing SQ with no major shortcomings is all I am looking for. It will only be used for the next 2 or 3 years and then end up as a garage/basement system.

Johnspain, that x45 looks like something that should be in a main system, not one in a third system and it is just a little outside of my budget...

The search continues...
I’m confused.  Does the OP wish to stream here, or spin hard discs as well?
I used to have a nice system in my work office, but the reality is that during business hours the volume has to be low, and if I was there after hours, the louder the music played, the less productive I was, and the whole goal of being there was to accomplish whatever task  that was cutting into my free time and then go home.  And where I currently work, they close the shop, and you have to work from home if you need to.  So I play music from my phone at low volumes just to have something.....
I am surprised that no one has recommended Bluesound to the OP, fis his budget and needs except no SACD
Don’t know which ps audio dac you have, the ds sr or ds jr, but if you have the sr, why not look for a used jr? It is more money than what you want to spend but it will be much better than anything close to its price. I had the jr for 2 years before buying the sr. I use the network connection on both. 

I have been looking but not much (if anything) out there. Yes I have a DSD Sr in each of systems at home, as I am used to their abilities that would be a good way out, if they were around. But still looking.


Looking to stream thru JRiver across the network as I have a SS drive with music on it, as well as the ability to stream internet radio as there are several stations I listen to often when I can't be bothered to keep picking albums to play, and yes I have several playlists I could use, but even that can get tired after awhile. Ability to run a CD thru the unit is a plus as I do not have a CD player in the office and SACD does not really matter, as you said, most of the time the volume is lowish and is basically background SQ can be sacrificed somewhat as long as it does not become annoying.

Have been working from the office since the beginning of the pandemic with no lapse. I do several 14 hour days on a fairly regular basis and after normal hours I am able to turn up the volume somewhat (I still have underlings I have to consider). I have found that with a lot of classical I am able to concentrate better and stay more relaxed working with spreadsheets and letter writing. 

The wireless streaming had been working fairly well until recently but the SQ has recently fallen off and the HF have become fairly annoying so I have been keeping volume lower than normal. Pre was recently retubed (3-4 months ago) and had been running the same tubes since purchased. I wanted to got this squared away before I bring in my ARC 17se otherwise no reason to do that and I would just sell off the ARC

Hope this helps explain the situation a little better