Louis Chochos from Omega Speaker Systems

So I've been getting the itch to try out high efficiency full range speakers. I was looking into the Zu Dirty Weekends as they just went on sale a few weeks ago. In my research, the Omega name kept coming up in comparisons to Zu. Well come to find out Omega is just about a mile from my office and I reached out the Louis. Long story short....he's a gentlemen in every sense of the word. I'm graciously borrowing a pair of his Super 3 High Output XRS to try out and I must say that they are truly special speakers. 

I hear the folks at Zu are great too, just wanted to acknowledge one of the captains (or hopefully soon to be) of this industry. I'm truly honored to have met Louis, he was very generous with his time answering all my questions. 
He's a class act. I live with the super 3xrs ho and they are truly special! Cheers 
  Louis is very good guy who makes excellent speakers that are a true bargain and he takes great pride in everything that he builds.
I'm loving these so much, but I'm probably going to order the Super 7 Monitor MK2 with the alnico driver upgrade. Was originally looking for SAM or CAM.
Main amp is a PrimaLuna Prologue 5 and I often hook it up to a Parasound Zamp v3 for background music and tv. Going to try my Threshold later :)
Glad to hear the plaudits for Louis.  I've been living with a pair (the *first* production pair, according to Louis) of Hemptones I bought in 2005.  They still sing wonderfully in my "secondary" system which, truth to tell, has evolved into my primary.
The Monk 801 (schmidtlambrixaudio.com) with a Primaluna Dialogue HP is an awesome combination. Full range speaker that images with amazing clarity.

Dirty W. was gone when I spoke to ZU last week.
I did see a used ZU model ?? for $2,500 on Audiogon? yesterday.
Some other guy is selling his DW ZU speaker for $1,100 (above 
Nice to see Louis being mentioned. I've spoken with him a few times and agree he's a class act. I couldn't be happier with my Super 3i's and DeepHemp 8 sub.
I knew if I went with the Zu DW's I'd have to be hovering my mouse on the buy button that very day. I thought it was an annual event but looks like roughly evert 6 months. I'd still love to hear them but I'm going with an Omega.

Does anyone have experience with the RS5 driver and the current Alnico Hempcone? 

hi treynolds155,

I'm a big fan of Omegas.  I've got some RS5's, and also the Alnico monitor and even have a set of Zu Omen DW's.

All are nice speakers and have strengths and weaknesses.  The RS5 excels in having a speedy electrostatic like sound.  While it does fairly well in the XRS cabinet, it does have bass limitations.

The Alnico excels in that it really conveys a lot more information around each note in the music.  Hard to explain but there's a beautiful texture that it transmits really well.

Compared to the Omegas, the Zu's can play louder and fill up a large room better. Really, I could live with any of the three speakers and will interchange them in my main system as my mood dictates.
Both are very musical and a great bargain. I have the rs5 my best buddy has the alnico. When we do the switcheroo the speed of the rs5 haunts me 👻
Maybe Louis will be gracious enough to loan you the alnico? 
Thanks for the feedback guys!! Louis only had these kicking around, no alnico's so I'm relying on folks like you who have experienced the differences. I really appreciate it.  
Thanks for posting. A quick Google show he is in CT.
I never heard of him, but I'd like to try to hear a pair of his speakers.
I’m listening to Tin Pan Alley and I’m getting goose bumps just like 30 years ago when I heard my B&W 801’s for the first time, they were playing organ music...bought them that day :)

And the kicker is I’m playing it on my baby system. I’m thinking these high efficiency full range speakers are cracked up to what I’ve been reading. My baby Parasound Zamp Vs’s in mono drive these suckers beautifully. My summer system will be happy.

Nice lQQking setup. You play with toe-in on those bad boys? Mine are the wide baffle version he offers in the custom shop. 
Thanks for checking it out and the kudos. Yes I find whatever speakers I put in that room need a bit of toe-in for proper imaging and soundstage. I was curious about the wide baffle design and what it offered up. Care to elaborate? My understanding of that design is a wider soundstage..?
I own both brands, Omega and Zu.
Super 7 monitors from Omega and Omen Def from Zu. Very different speakers for different rooms/purposes. The Omegas are located in a small intimate den for quiet listening. The Zus are in a party room to listen to very loud pop/rock, sometimes playing along while we jam (guitars, bass, drums...).
I never spoke (personally or telephone) with anybody from both companies, but exchange several emails with Louis (Omega) and Gerrit from Zu. Both of them were extremely helpful and correct. They answered all my questions, made suggestions, gave me technical information and advise and never tried to push their products. Instead, they filled me with all their wisdom leaving the decision for myself.
These two companies are gems!
i agree with all the comments about louis - a class act and a hugely gifted designer/craftsman.  my wife and i picked up our super alnico high-output XRS's with the drivers mounted diagonally on the broad baffle.  the rosewood veneer is some of the nicest finish-work i've yet seen on a loudspeaker, first-rate cabinetry.  louis recommends 100+ hours for full break-in time, but i have to say that right out of the box the sound was startlingly, jaw-droppingly good.  enormous sound-stage, solid imaging, life-like dynamics, and tone and timing accuracy.  i've owned a variety of loudspeakes over the years -- b&w 801's, apogee divas, spatial audio cs1.3's, and now, concurrently, ohm f5015s driven by ampzilla electronics, and the omegas with the line magnetic 125-AS 211 integraed amplifier, as i write, playing the elliot carter cello concerto -- just mind-blowingly good.  if you have the right electronics i can think of no reason to not purchase a pair of these speakers.  photo: http://www.nsl.com/misc/omegas.JPG