Luxman Integrated?

I recently listened to a Luxman integrated and was quite impressed with the liquidity of the sound of the amp.  Does anyone else have experience with these amps?   I currently have all separates and a tube amp but thinking of scaling down a bit.
I have the L-590AXII, and it is superb!  I've own many integrated amps before, and this is by far the best sounding one.  Awesome built quality and appearance as well.
I have the Luxman E-250 phono amp.  In the few months I have had it I have been listening to vinyl 70% to 30% digital and I have a fine tube SACD player.  The Luxman is built like a tank with great features and an effortless, open, dynamic sound quality!  I love it!😍
I use a Luxman 507ux and have been very happy with it.  Source is mostly a Technics 1200G and the phono stage is very good.  Would love to have a Luxman EQ 500 phono pre though!
Perfect timing!! I just wrote a review of the Luxman L-550 AX Mark II for Part Time Audiophile. It’s right here

I just bought a Luxman DA-08 and am blown away by it's superb build quality and cd/sacd sound. I just bought a SME turntable and when I listen to my Luxman, I do not miss vinyl at all. Luxman gear to me is very special.
I have been using two Lux CL-32 pre-amps since the 1970's.  One just failed and I am going to pay to get it fixed.  NOT the best pre-amp in the world, but seems to be OK for my casual listening.  AND, they have lasted over 40 years each until now, so...
I have owned several Luxman integrated amps.  Great build quality and excellent value with many features built in.  Builder3 has my old amp!

I have moved up to food chain, but if I had to do it all over, the Luxman would have been my last integrated. 
It's now running a new turntable, too greg. Bought the new rig from MoFi, it's superb. Not the big money that some folks spend, but I'm impressed.
Nice write-up on the 550, Steve. Great photos, too. One thing I'll mention, and can't offer any first hand knowledge, but for whatever reason Luxman understates the power on these (or at least the L-590) and pretends that they're solely class A.  From tests I've seen, the L-590 actually puts out around 90W/channel @ 8ohms, contrary to the claimed 30W, presumably switching to AB at some point. I assume the L-550 is no different.
Luxman also makes an excellent all tube Integrated amp. The LX-380. Has the same retro Marantz 7 look. The built in phono is also all tube and very good. I purchased the CL38U-SE all tube preamp about 7 months ago. Best tube preamp I've ever owned.