Luxman L-509X as a preamp

I have an Ayre VX-5 that I really enjoy. I am considering an Ayre KX-5 preamp to pair with it. I currently use a Rogue RH-5 and it sounds great. But I am thinking the KX-5 will have more synergy. I also have been kicking around the idea of having an integrated amp and like everything I see and hear about the Luxman L509X. I thought of picking one up and using it as a preamp for the VX-5. Has anyone else used this integrated as a pre? If so, what are your thoughts?


Awesome idea.  The preamp section is exceptional and a very interesting match with Ayre

I find the Ayre sound more natural and relaxed than the Luxman. Also, to get the best possible sound you want to invest in the best possible components. So, acquiring an integrated and only using the preamp would, in my way of thinking be a real waste. Preamps are really important… and with the price range you are in I would look at a dedicated preamp… or even better yet used from Audio Research, Pass, Ayre, Conrad Johnson or Presto.

It seems like a waste to buy an integrated and use it as a preamp? Also for the OP Patrick Rothfuss is dead to me! 😡

since you do not already own the Luxman integrated what possible advantages could it have compared to a standalone preamp?  

the idea of manufacturer to manufacturer synergy is not necessarily going to give you the best sound for the dollar.  

I recommend an upgrade to the Rogue RH5 (which I owned, it was a highly dynamic neutral sound that was missing the tube refinement and sound stage).  

Try the Cary Audio SLP 98 or SLP-05, or the Rogue RP-5 which sounds spectacular.  

No, to my ears the 509X is definitely not as good as a ~$6000 used dedicated line stage.  I used it from time to time to drive my Luxman M800a power amp.  It sounded pretty good and quite neutral, but was outclassed by my PS BHK and Allnic L3000 preamps.

If you're buying it for dual purpose--to have 2 amps you can switch between--it's a fine choice with lots of flexibility.


Dual purpose use was my intention but decided to go with an Ayre KX-5 Twenty as my pre.