Magnepan lover, which one do you choose?

I have a chance to buy either a pair of used Maggies 2.6r(12yrs old 8/10 condition) and used 1.6QR(2 years old 9/10 condition) as they are the same price or bit cheaper for the 2.6. I still prefer 2.6R because the ribbon. These are the only two models that could fit my room. They have the same power input and output, just different frequency, the 2.6 (37hz-40khz), 1.6 (40hz-24khz). What do you think? Which one is better in sound and sonic?

Thanks for your help.
My experience with the ribbon in the 3.6 was that it required the best equipment in front of it. A $4K amp was not good enough (but I was still learning in those days). If budget for the other gear is a factor then I think the QR would be more forgiving of lesser gear, but I am extrapolating here. If I were doing it again I would have saved cash and headache and bought the 1.6. As it is the 3.6 is long gone, got tired of feeding that beast.
I hate to say it because I still like the Magnepan products and would buy them again if I wanted to dedicate the space to get the most out out of them. But, beware of any older speakers. These designs have a problem with the voice coil wires delaminating from the mylar panel. It happened to my MG111A's after 9 to 10 years. True, this was in humid Florida, but the house was always air conditioned. The adhesive broke down and turned gummy. I Don't know whether or not they have made any changes to this process on the newer products.
With regards to the comment by Hifiharv above, I have been using a pair of 3.5r's since 1994 (purchased brand new from an authorized dealer) and I have not seen the probelm he describes. Same thing for a pair of MG-IIIa's that I used for eight years before that (also purchased brand new from an authorized dealer). In my experience, Maggies are built for the long haul.
I had 1.6's and now have 3.5's and while I did have the problem described by hifiharv it can happen in any climate. You have to expect this to happen after many years of use and the fix can be handled by the owner if your fairly handy. I've done it with great results to both speakers. As far as equipment I agree that 1.6's are easier to drive than there larger speakers and if your going to consider tube amp's this can be a real challenge. I have used Speltz autoformers with nice results when I was using tubes but have since gone back to SS with my 3.5's. I would go for the ribbon over the QR's. I loved my 1.6's and feel they are some of the best speakers available today but the true ribbon takes you to another level. I listen to mostly jazz and the ribbon tweeter on brass instruments is superb. Either way you won't go wrong by investing in maggies.
I was contemplating a similar decision a couple years ago between the 1.6s and a used pair of 2.7s (both QRs, though). I was able to compare both side be side in my system and the 2.7 was obviously better. They had more bass and created a better soundstage with more depth though they were very similar in the midrange. I bought the 2.7s and have never had any problems with them even though they were built in the mid 1990's. Sorry never tried any of the maggie ribbons.
Jim Whiney once stated at a show when asked what he thought was the best Magnepan speaker was; "He replied that the 2.6R produced magic". I also read somewhere that he has stated it was the best speaker they ever made. In my opinion they are both very good. The 2.6R is rare on the market as it wasn't produced very long. The real ribbon is a must for many that have heard both Qr's and Ribbons. I think it is really a matter of taste. No matter how many times I stray away from magnepans I always seem to come back. I myself am awaiting a pair of 2.6R's and my much more expensive dynamic speakers are sitting idle in anticipation. They are both giant killers but that is true of any magnepan in my opinion. Final thoughts on them both after I receive the 2.6's. Have owned and auditioned many magnepans in the past.
Thanks very much for your inputs, I will go with the 2.6Rs, because they also have a DIY Xover from the previous owner, He spent around $400.00 on those Xover. They're really a big improve as he said. I will post some pictures as soon as I receive them.
I have owned a pair of moddified MGlllA and experienced the same problem described by hifiharv but whatever you decide on it is imperative to brace them externally with some kind of speaker stand. I have seen them advertised here in Audiogon but can't recall their name. This will make the biggest imptovement to these speakers outside of changing to a better crossover, caps and the internal wiring.
How would you come the sound of a MGIIIA to a pair of 1.6 Rs or other newer Magnepans. Are the newer models a major or minor improvement over the MGIIIA's which I own.
keep the IIIA and spend your money on other equipment or cds or lps. i own a 1.6 and my friend owns mg iii.

the newer models may be more "articulate" but so what ?
I used to have a pair of MG12 QRSE speakers. Both my wife and i trule loved these speakers.
Yet, some 2 years ago, I was tempted to purchase a pair of Michael Green Classic 60 speakers...
When I sold our Maggies, we serioiusly doubted if those cone speakers could ever match our Maggies.

Do I sound strange if I tell you that I spent 2 years trying to get the a sound that could make my Maggies forget?

Ah, how fruitless. I bough them for a whopping $ 1.800,- from Michael Green Audio.
Although the speakers aren't that bad (and can be yours for the price of a decent offer), they don't stand a chance next to Magnepan.
A couple of months ago, I put them in a closet and bought another pair of MG12 QRSE's.

These will NEVER leave our house!!! Unless Magnepan comes with speakers of this size WITH TRUE ribbon tweeters,
as those tweeters are... YUMMIE! :-)

Kind regards,