marantz pm8006 vs peahtree nova 150.

Which of these 2 amps would you recommend ? To be connected to Tannoy  xt6f's. Currently 
driven by a Harmon Kardon 3490 stereo receiver that must go. It was given to me witch was cool .
But now I see why. Anything else in the $1200 to $1500 range would be fine. Thanks much.

I have a 8005. It is very good for about $1000 new. Detailed, slightly warm, amply powered, good remote, 3 yr warranty and  Japan built with lots of Marantz Reference DNA in design and parts. The 8006 seems to be a refinement on this mode which was itself a refinement on the 8004. Has been previously well reviewed and received. Can be bought for about $900 if you look around online. Other very good amps available but you would have to pay up to 500-1000 more.
I have the 8004, purchased in 2011, and it's running 24/7 except when I leave for a few days.  Built like a tank and very listenable.
Been teetering between these two for a new pair of Dali oberons that are on order.  Anyone else care to way in?
I'm a fan of Class A/B compared to Class D, so I'd give the nod to the Marantz. Looking at the specs, it can easily handle your Tannoy speakers with room to spare.

I still have my Marantz PM-15S2b and it's made in Japan, not China, and so is the 8006, unless they changed their line up and how and where they make them. 

Like stated, they err on the warm side of neutral, but only slightly. Better aftermarket PCs can do wonders with the soundstage and dynamics and if you're a fanatic (like me), opt for a better fuse down the road. 👍

The base I got out of my two way monitors was amazing with my Marantz so I can only imagine how well the base will be with the Tannoy.

All the best,

From what I’ve read it seems to me that the Marantz PM8005 is a very well built solid amplifier that is very much so a “traditional” amp.  The Peachtree Nova 150 on the other hand is very unconventional with it’s class D amp, bult in DAC and special features like expandable wifi and lightning cable friendliness.

All this aside...  Which one SOUNDS better???
I’d love to go with the Peachtree because it is so much more exciting, and in the end I will probably buy one over the Marantz, but I feel it deserves a mention that I’ve read as many as 5 circumstances where customers had problems with their Nova 150’s and 300’s.  I am willing to put these problems aside because I like the fact that they are made in Canada and are a much smaller company than Marantz.  
Marantz. I have owned several - PM-5005, Pm-7005, PM-8005 and now have PM-11S3 in two seperate systems. In between tried Hegel, Parasound and an older McIntosh. I find the “Marantz sound” fairly neutral rather than warm ( especially compared to Hegel).  These are built to a very high standard and, I expect would get more respect but for some anti Marantz brand snobbery. 
I would look into some Rega analog integrated amps. All Rega integrateds are analog no DAC class AB amp design. Sounded fantastic very refined smooth very musical tend to be on a warm side of neutral but it isn't like tubey warm, no, nothing like that. 
Rega integrated amps range in prices from around $1500 to $10k. 
If you can swing $3k I highly recommend the Rega Elicit-R integrated retails for $3k new unless if you can find a used for probably around $2k and less. 

This may work? Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Integrated Amplifier, if you don't mind used versions you can swing some excellent integrated amps that may not have all bells and whistles but can be sonically better performing.  Well your Tannoy xt6f is around 88 dB/1 W/1 M ?
Hi---I have the 8006 with a pair of Dynaudio Special 40s which like lots of power--they're not very efficient but sound incredible. The 8006 can be used as a preamp if you need more power. :)