Martin Logan Aerius i or Vandersteen 2Ce ???

Thinking about adding a set of speakers to a spare room...not large, maybe 20 ft square by 8 mostly low to hear Barbra Streisand inhale when singing Pretty Women (ok, some can't stand her singing but...) so what I like is detail...not sure I'll miss the bass the ML is lacking, as I wouldn't buy a sub for them...have heard Vandy 2's and 3's and they sound good, transparent, clear, invisible, good imaging and so on, for the $. Been reading for the last 3 days and I'm about out of reading material comparing the 2. I'm a little worried about the placement of the ML's 2-3 ft from the walls ?

Any comments or suggestions ?
I agree I am not much for her voice, style or political views. But that nose must create quite a vacuum. Turbunoids d'zur I am sure! But in my opinion, I would go with ML's as electrostats seem to be more prone to reproduce finest of details.

As a Vandy 3A Signature owner, who has heard MLs, I hear a "plasticy" coloration with the MLs. It may just be me, but Vandies just sound more like real, live instruments. Be sure you've listened to the MLs for an extended period of time before you decide.
I was a dealer for both Martin Logan and Vandersteen for a pretty long time. I still own Martin Logan CLSIIA's. IMHO, the ML's are one of the best speakers for female voices. Far from "plasticy"...
I've owned 2c, 2ce, 2ce sig,3c, ML Aerius, SL3 & Ascent... and several others. Right now Sonus Fabers.

Now... I listen mainly to vocals, some rock & jazz. I love the female voice... along with a few other things... ;)

I would most definately go with the Vandersteens, both brands set up properly... the Vandy's every time.
If you can swing the cost for the Signature series,,,, go for it! And use Kimber 8TC speaker cables. My favorite amp for these was the Counterpoint SA 12, but an old CJ tube amp would be good too.

I have owned 2c's using tubes and solid state amps. They are good value, are easy to drive, and do few things wrong, but are not the last word in detail.
I love electrostatics, own them and have had several in my home. The small hybrid types- like the smaller ML and the Innersounds (which are better)- have glaring problems integrating the two types of reproducers. The basic problem is that at the lower price points especially, there is simply not enough money to build a proper box, crossover, and low distortion woofer. The result is coloration and discontinuity which obviously bothers some (me) more than others.
Thx for all the input...after coraeful consideration I've decided to buy BOTH...just kidding ! 2Ce's for me as I have a set of 2C's already...and know them...great for the $, maybe not superb, but great I think...
You owe it to yourself to take an extended listen a set of Quad 63's.These classics set the standard for natural, unforced resolution at moderate levels. If pressed for space, hang a blanket on the wall behind them.
Almost everything the Vandy's do (except play very loud) the Quads do better. Besides, they are something different and you will learn a lot. Finally, like the Vandy's, they are easy to buy and easy to sell.
Ive had SO many Logans from 3kpr-$10k pair over the years, get the Aeon i's(make sure its the i's). They are WAY better then the Aerius i's, and only a few hundred more(Ive seen them for 1k)

Incredible speakers. Use the rear tweeter and you wont believe your ears. I miss them!!