Martin Logan Motion 35XTI

Are they a Best Buy speaker basically mid-fi or are they hi-f? I noticed they are selling them at a nice discount because they just came out with the new model. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.


ML is a good company. Much of how a speaker sounds depends on what it's connected to, the room, your tastes. 

No doubt, you need to take them home and hook them up to your own amp setup. Hearing the 35XTs on a home theater receiver there at BestBuy through a switcher box does not do them any justice for 2ch audio listening. They are decent, and you get what you pay for on sale. Hooking up to a really good amp makes a difference. They are getting phased out in favor of the new line I'd guess. More info below.

I use the Motion 40 as mains, Motion 50 for center, and the Motion surrounds in my other home theater setup. For this purpose and price, it works pretty good. I have tried the speakers on my other main audio system and once again, they do okay.

The NEW line of ML Motion series looks interesting, the horned out (WaveGuide) new Gen2 Obsidian FMT / AMT paired with the new Kevlar Nomex mid-bass woofers look interesting. I use Nomex woofers in my custom AMT speakers I build for fun. Might be better for 2Ch audio, maybe. You’d have to try them to see.

For audio it would be fun to demo these newer generation units too if you can. In the this link, you’ll need to go direct to the Martin Logan website, look for Motion XT Series, scroll down, and then look for Microsite

XT B100 (new)

New XT B100 monitor Gen2 AMT Nomex W


Microsite pics of new lineup



I was just looking for generalizations? I’m currently running Elac Debut Reference and I really like them but want more highs.