McCormack Line Drive TLC-1 Repair or Replace?

Hi All! Newbie here and pretty clueless regarding equipment. I want to fix my Dad’s stereo for his birthday and don’t know what to do. His pre-amp is blown (McCormack Line Drive TLC-1). Should I repair (who? Conrad Johnson is close to me in northern Virginia, or Steve McCormack in CA? Are either of them still doing repairs? Others trustworthy?) or replace? What would you suggest for replacement? He has a McCormack Power Drive DNA-1 amp, Thiel speakers, and Dennon CD player. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Another option might be:
Bill Thallman of Music Technologies, well regarded ex c-j tech now operating independently.
CJ, don’t think will, those components are of McCormack build.

  I would call CJ, but they will probably say “no”
as much as I dislike shipping audio, I would call Steve/Pat in California , I would rather have Steve and Pat work on those awesome pieces, than anyone. 
If you do (highly recommended) pack like a tank, padding, and. More padding, double box, etc. send to Steve McCormack. He can upgrade both the amp and preamp to amazing status. 
Keep us informed. 

@arcideth, c-j had previously hired Steve McCormack to design some of their ss gear. There is some overlap of design understanding.
McCormack would be your best option ( they offer upgrades ) ,
except for wanting it by a birthday date .
I wanted my amp repaired and found out that they are booked for at least 5 months , but they suggested I find a local repair shop and that they would help with any questions . 
They were true to their word and advised my repair technician with questions that he had .
I am also a Thiel speaker owner . 

CJ made the dna 250 dna 750, the dp-2 CD player, and the Ld-2 preamp

the other pieces are McCormack designed and made, I’m pretty sure. 



what did you,do?

get Dads stereo fixed?

it’s worth it, that stereo is top tier for sure.