McIntosh mc275

Received new MC275 yesterday. Units On/Off switch doesn't work. Amp only shuts off when you unplug it. And no, I don't have any triggers attached to it. Most disconcerting considering I waited three weeks for it. I've read Mcintosh has lowered the bar the last couple of years, but this is aggravating. Would not recommend this amp! Does anyone have any suggestions for another brand?
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Is there a switch on the amp to use the triggers or not?  If there is, it’s probably in the wrong position 
If the amp is indeed defective from the factory, make sure you call McIntosh. Even if you do not keep the amp. That is unacceptable!!

Why bother to come onto the audiogon forums to complain about a defective unit? If it’s really new it’s under warranty. Return it to your dealer and they will issue you an immediate replacement. 
I would be very aggravated too, but this is an imperfect world, and thing like this do happen. It's a great amp and a great company. Give them a chance to make good on it, and you'll be happy that you did. No reason to run off and look for another amp so soon.  
this forum is getting more useful than ever.  Over the past 24 hrs I've learned that Klipsch and McIntosh make the worst equipment in the world and that Diana Krall is the worst musician ever.   Anyone else want to pile onto the Most Despised list? :/ 
"Would not recommend this amp!"

Dude you sound like a child! A on off switch? You dont have to get on here and bash the MAC 275 amp, it has a history that goes back to before you were born and no one is listening. On what grounds do you "NOT recommend it" be cause you've spent so much time with it can now tell us all what you think. Not working here. I would love to have it! send it to me if you are so unhappy!

Matt M
I have an MC275 MK VI amp and absolutely love it, sound is fantastic and it looks stunning/beautiful IMHO. I strongly suggest you get the problem resolved before giving up. I also have a C50 pre-amp/DAC that I had a firmware problem with, caused by me! McIntosh were absolutely superb helping me resolve the problem. I am fairly new to McIntosh, however, I understand their after sales support and general equipment reliability is second to none. Don't give up, enjoy the hobby/music.
Mc support is second to none.  I have owned many brands in my 40 yrs of audiodom and nothing comers close to McIntosh for all around satisfaction.  Let dealer handle the issue, may be as simple as a faulty fuse.  The unit did not leave the factory faulty since all are tested
prior to shipment.  The MC275 is a superb amp.
I've owned a pair of MC75 mono amps for 50 years, they are vintage from the 60's and have been my only amps.  They still sound great!

yep, agree with mattmiller. the MC275 is a classic, new or old. there is a reason the 275 has become such a benchmark for others to measure up against. was not just by accident.