Meadowlark audio kestrel2 - anybody heard them?

I'm thining about purchasing a pair but can't find a dealer in my area that stocks them. I currently have B&W N805's - how do they compare?

Well, I went and finally listened to the Kestrel2's; not my cup of tea, but I did like the Ospry's.
I bought them for my daughter. They are a good buy with fine performance in every respect. It probably depends on your other equipment. Her room is 12 x 24. Not super-high end but no regrets. Only the equivalent Thiels are a good alternative for my money.
Fantastic detail, wide soundstage, don't expect over powering deep bass but you will be able to distinguish each note ( no sloppy bass ). Before break in they are edgy, lack warmpth and bass but after many hours (as much as 300), they smooth out and bass response is much better. Fit well into small or medium rooms and look beautiful. Don't need much power.
Be patient and Let Them Break IN!
Good Luck