Memory foam as bass treatment?

Can memory foam, say from a bed, be used as a bass trap?  

I ask because I might repurpose a queen-sized memory foam mattress.







The memory foam will absorb some frequencies and can cut back on reflections. 
You need to give it a try.
Maybe start in the corners, or first reflection points. I don’t think they will absorb the low low frequencies.
We all have to start somewhere. Hopefully you will eventually move up the food chain and acquire devices that are specifically made to treat audio rooms.

I have tried numerous absorption and diffuser devices over the years. The only DIY ones that remain in my room are the 20” tube traps that I built and the diffuser cones on the front wall.

The ones specifically manufactured for room acoustics works the best.

Give it a try, you got nothing to lose and maybe something to gain.

Joe Nies

Thanks, guys.  

I did some research after posting (should probably have done that first) and the consensus was that it isn’t too effective.


I have lots of GIK panels but was considering ordering a few more and I have this mattress taking up space so thought I might cut it up.  Have since decided not to and order a few more instead.


@audiodwebe That’s the best way to go. 
I like the GIK devices. Their prices are reasonable?

Joe Nies

I really like the GIK products (244 with and without the scatter plate).  I've got 10 in my small room, which I think is 13x14.  

Their prices are reasonable.  It's the shiiping that sucked!

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In my experience, Real Traps was far better than GIK. @ethan_winer was enormous help with placement and determining the right number for my room.

Yes they're somewhat expensive, but ASC Tube Traps remain state-of-the-art. Not everyone agrees with that proclamation. 😉

Thanks for the suggestion.  Since I don’t need many, I’ll look into the tube traps.





Maan, I noted that memory foam can be used for just about anything except the mattress. It is very uncomfortable -- strip it and use it for whatever!

Thanks Hilde for the mention of RealTraps. To answer the original question, memory foam is not suitable for acoustic treatment. Like mattress foam and packing foam, memory foam is closed cell. Real acoustic foam is called open cell, and tiny fissures burrow deeply into the material. When sound waves get into those fissures the resulting friction converts the acoustic energy into heat.

@ethan_winer  You are most welcome -- and to everyone else, I want to add that I inherited 14 different acoustic unit treatments, including GIK corner units and 2x4 foot traps. They all promised bass absorption but I still was not able to tame the bass in my room. Ethan Winer's recommendations were exactly what the room needed -- no excess, just right -- and they made it possible to do what I could not do what twice the number of other bass traps. It was really no contest.