Mike Smith of the DC5 r.i.p.

one of the most underated rock singers of any era. for a year, he was part of the second biggest band in the world. "catch us if you can"
Jaybo- I always enjoy your threads and taste. As a 6 year old (I'm 48 now) DC5 "Greatest Hits" was purchased at Korvettes (anyone remember?) along with Herman's Hermits "Hold On" and Stones "High Tide and Green Grass". I am so glad DC5 is now getting into the Hall.
My very first LP, DC5 "GLAD ALL OVER ".
Sang and danced to that LP many, many times. Still Do.
Gonna go spin it right now for Mike.
You know it's nice and refreshing when some people take the time to post a thought or two about a past icon that in one form or another, was a small part of our life in our younger days. For me its nice because I'm a nostalgia freak to begin with. I can remember where I was, & what I was doing, when both of the above songs mentioned here, were popular. I'm glad there going to the Hall as well. Ok, that said.. Keep the memories and the music going! I can't imagin a world without it.
My two cents..

"Bits and Pieces," one of the 'heaviest' songs of all time, what a revelation to a young innocent!
I remember Korvettes, I believe it was E.J. Korvettes, an even cheaper ambience than Kmart, sort of like the local SS Kresges!
rockin' for sure.....better late than never for the rock and roll hall of fame....a friend of mine who is a serious record collector once told me(in the 80's) that finding a dc5 lp circa 64 through 66 without a girl's name written on the cover, was like finding a four leaf clover. one of the first fan magazines i ever saw was 'the beatles vs the dave clark 5'......talk about a special time and place....keep rockin' guys
FYI, there was a recorded interview of Mike Smith done by Pete Fornatale of WFUV-FM NY, which was broadcast on Pete's show Mixed Bag this past Sat., March 1. You can stream this if you go to WFUV.org and look in Archives of Pete's Mixed Bag shows.

Mike Smith was a very articulate and intelligent musician who had some great stories to tell about that era. RIP.

Very sorry to hear this....seems like Mike's last years were hard ones health wise. I may have every U.S. release the DC-5 ever did.

I miss many of the Jazz and Rock greats that have passed, Ella, Sarah, Chet, Del, Roy, Dusty and so many other greats.
One of my favorite British Invasion groups, too bad about Mike. Used to buy most of my albums in the mid to late sixties from the EJ Korvette on Route 1 in Edison, NJ, as well as from Two Guys from Harrison store in Middletown on Rt. 35. Boy, those were the days.-Mrmitch