ML reQuest/ SL3 Owners: Seeking Advice

I am moving from a small to a larger room (16'x28") and am considering buying a full range speaker. I have leaned towards panels and in the past have owned Quads and Magnepans. Also,I want to keep my ARC LS25 and VT100MKII (which I recently have been in the process of auditioning with the reQuests,SL3's, and Vandersteen Sig 3's). I really like the reQuests in my relatively brief auditions and am curious about current ML owners' long-term satisfaction with M.L.'s. Would you buy them again?
I own the SL3's.Owned them since 1996. I have refined them with high quality interconnects, speaker wire,line conditioners, power cords and front end equipment over the years. The more I upgrade the better the sound!!They are non-forgiving so the better the equipment the better sound you will receive. It is AMAZING how power cords and interconnects affect the sound. Dismiss the Audio Critic Magazine for thinking such pieces do NOTHING!! I would buy ML again and again and again. I guess you get my point.
I have been a Martin Logan owner for the last 15 years starting with the CLS's, Monoliths, and most recently the SL3's. One thing one must keep in mind, the Martin Logan speaker can and will drop down to 1.7 to 1.5 ohm load, and that can tax some tube amps and low powered solid state amps. Like one of the above contributors stated they are "non-forgiving". My experience with Martin Logan speakers, the better the front end and the better the cableing as well as power cords and power conditioner (one can tell a difference) the better they do sound.

I must confess I have just recently bought a SET amp and it just could not drive them, sold the SL3's and bought more effecient speakers. I will own Martin Logan's again and again.......
I have owned the Aerius (still do) - the Quest Z and the SL 3 - I now have the Odysseys which seem more balanced -it is hard to beat ML's in the price range for speakers that sound good at all volume levels and still fill the room when you stand up. Go for it.
Yet another satisfied user checking in. My system is listed at the Asylum( I continue to discover more in the music as I listen to the SL3s and with each succeeding upgrade I've made. There are a pair of McCormack monoblocks that I have my eye on and a REL sub may come in the future, but nothing is required as much as wanted to satisfy the curiosity - such is the nature of our passion.
I will throw in my 2 cents worth.I have owned all the logan line except the prodigy and up.for my money the maggies are
a better match for your gear.the 3.6 will blow away the SL3.
I do love the logans,but they are dinamically restricted in the top end,and the bass is not the same quality as the maggies.If you like the look the logans are unsurpassed,but sonically no match.
PS.another alternative are the INNERSOUND EROS.I owned a pair and the intergration and bass was superior to the
logans,plus they are 98db efficient.
Again this is just my opinion.Hope it helps.
I have owned both the SL-3´s and the reQuests prior to my
current Maggie 3.6´s. You should definitely listen to both
brands before you buy. Good luck!